See you all tonight!

I hope everyone within a reasonable distance from Ulysses comes out tonight to rock out to BIG FAT FUN at mom's benefit at Wilson's Shop.

Doors open at 8 PM and the band starts at 9 PM. Donations will be accepted at the door and this event is BYOB!

I daresay the lady of the hour will be present!


  1. Gee, I hope all of you have a great evening. We'll be thinking about you partying with so many friends and family who have long been waiting to see you again. Dance one for me :>)

    Today is my mom's birthday so we are in prep mode this morning. I'll be returning to Denver on Tuesday with my neice, so it doesn't look like I'll be making a pass through Ulysses this time.

    Wishing you all good things today and always.

    God Bless You!

    Loves & Hugs,

  2. Hi Paulette,
    Just wanting you to know that I'm thinking of you daily. I know that your strength is slowly returning and I pray that your patience will hold out until you are truly recovered!

  3. Hi Paulette and Greg, wish we could party with you tonight. We've had many a good time dancing at Wilson's Shop. Last time we were there with you was at our wedding dance. Have fun!!

    Bill and Kathy

  4. We were thinking of all the dancing!!! I'll bet there were no soles left on alot of shoes at the end of the night. I hope the night brought lots of laughter, smiles and most of all a night to not think about anything but good friends and the support. Thinking of you!!!

  5. With My "VAIN & SHALLOW"...pageant backround I'm here to declare you QUEEN of ULYSSES!!!! I hope you enjoyed the time with your Royal subjects.. as they gathered in your Honor! I'm sure you were perched upon your throne giving an approving nod... to each and every dancer on the floor! The KINGDOM of FORT was in festival mode I am sure! May this DECREE go across the land of healing... and bring waves of Joy to ALL!

  6. Well, "The Big, Fat, Fun Dance Party" was just what the Doctor ordered!!!!

    It was great just to see family and friends mingling, the enticing aroma of popcorn, a favorite that Paulette always shared and The Big, Fat, Fun band was simply DELI-LICIOUS!!!
    I found myself jivin' and foot stompin' along with the lead guy...I'm pretty sure the band was named after...he was fantastic and the whole band made a wonderul get-together even more fun!

    When I was a very young little girl I believed in fairy-tales and spent a lot of time looking for four-leaf clover (hard to find) and peering under mushrooms for tiny, little elves.
    They were the hard-working magicians of my imagination and made wonderful things happen.
    Working under the cover of darkness with only the sparkle of the stars to guide them they promished all kinds of wonders when you woke up in the morning.

    When I got older I decided to keep the wonders of the elves alive..even though you might not see them doesn't mean they aren't there.

    And so I want to thank those who thought up and magically gave us a night of fun and see Paulette doing so well that I heard she had baked a 3-layer chocolate cake for Jenny's birthday...and oh yea, I hope Taryn will post the pics of Thayne dancing and any other peek-a-boos she caught.

    I had a wonderful to see family (not nearly enough any more) and a community that makes me proud.
    I wish everyone could have been there!!!


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