Save the Date: Live Band/Dance Benefit on July 11

Ya'll better get your dance party outfits planned. 

In what I anticipate to be the most awesome opportunity for a first reunion for mom and much of her community, I'm so excited to announce a live band and dance benefit scheduled for July 11 in Ulysses, KS! An anonymous donor submitted funds to bring a local Wichita band, Big Fat Fun, to U-town on one exclusive night for live music and the perfect chance to celebrate mom's recovery! The event proceeds will be donated to Mom's medical fund. 

So... Mark your calendars NOW for an evening of music, happiness, friends and family! The event will take place at Wilson's Shop. 

Donations will be accepted at the door -- stay tuned for more details!

A special thank you to each of you special, special people (including the mysterious donor[s]) who are making this happen. I know many of you very well and love you all so much for not only helping take care of my family today, but every day. 


  1. Good Morning, Paulette.

    I am thinking about you this morning, praying that you are relaxing and enjoying your
    "vacation time in Minnesota” before going back to "work" [the work of God's healing power...He heals, you believe; we fight the good fight of faith!] in Kansas. God is on his throne, and He is smiling as He thinks of His beautiful Paulette loving Him and praising Him right now right here (or there or anywhere, everywhere).

    God's awesome word in Romans 16:13 -- "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him." What a deal, huh? We trust, He provides joy, we trust, He provides peace, we trust, He provides hope, we trust ... well, you get the picture, don't you? It's all about God, it's not about us.

    We look at the circumstances around us, the challenges, the victories, the basic living stuff ... we could worry, we could try to fix things, we could fear, we could on and on and on -- and many would, I suppose -- but deep inside of us, Paulette, we know that we know that what experiences we have are giving us a testimony to share with someone who is struggling but doesn't know the grace and love of God. We can share with them what God means to us, we can seed in their hearts a glimpse of God's love for them by telling them that God's grace is available to them as well.

    Yes, God is working out His best for you to bring Him glory and to encourage your faith and to stimulate your spiritual growth.

    Have I ever told you what an amazing lady you are? Well, you are; you blessed my life when we first moved here and were such a bright light at school, then I knew you through teaching Taryn and Thayne, and then through the years, you continued to influence me by your unselfish nature and your attitude of gratitude. You are a significant person in the lives of many, Paulette ... and you are a special person to me.

    Have yourself a great Friday, Paulette.

    Praying for you,

  2. Good Morning Paulette,
    WoW Amazing,Youre amazing, God is amazing. It's been a long few months and what a journey.You have brought to many of us a whole new meaning to Fridays's.Yellow Friday's will stick in our minds forever as we watch this amazing recovery of yours.
    Paulette I can't wait till your back digging in the dirt with your flowers,making wonderful desserts,loving on your dog and just doing what you love to do.Oh sorry Greg loving on you too.(smile)
    Safe travel pretty lady and much, much love today can't wait for you to be HOME.With my heart and my prayers today and everyday we love you. Lee and Peg

  3. Wow! What wonderful news. Paulette I know that you're anxious for your life to be back to normal. Looking back over the last few weeks though, I have to think that this whole journey has been miraculous!! Praise be to our awesome God! With His healing powers, your faith and determination and a multitude of family and friends backing you and providing prayers and encouragement all the way; you faced this cancer head-on and YOU WON! Praise God!

    Please keep telling yourself to slow down, take it easy, let your body do it's healing. I know that you've always had an appreciation for life and living it to it's fullest. I'm sure that because of what you've been through that "attitude of gratitude" is even stronger.
    When I've been away from home for awhile, it's always so good as I get closer to see the familiar landmarks. Welcome home, Paulette.
    We're all anxiously waiting for you to be home!




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