Mom got out of the hospital earlier today. She was admitted on Sunday after experiencing severe disorientation. Thayne and I spent the weekend at home with her and my dad. First, I thought we wore her out (and we probably did that too), but when she didn't get up on Sunday morning we knew perhaps she'd taken a turn. Mistakenly, we returned to Denver, leaving my dad alone with no other help all afternoon. Thankfully he knew what to do, and my aunt and uncle helped.

Thayne returned home yesterday. I'll likely join in a couple days again depending on weather. Mom now needs 24/7 care in addition to whatever hospice can offer. The key is not leaving her alone, so we are juggling and trying to work out a calendar that coordinates around all of our schedules. And, poor mom is in the center feeling frustrated and crummy. She received excellent care at the local hospital and my brother -- we spent endless time on the phone these days -- stayed overnight with her last night.

I'm setting up an online calendar that offers a daily journal for recording her food/liquid intake and some other stuff so we can coordinate her care.

We're off. The roller coaster is on full speed. Again.


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