Hump day

I was thinking about one month ago, in nearly mid-December when it felt pretty awful to get up in the morning. One month later, we have mom completely ingrained with hospice and she has improved -- markedly. I happen to work in the healthcare sector and yet knew nothing about hospice, which has helped in managing so much of the daily "stuff". Terrified at the thought of "hospice" or "palliative care", I had no clue what to expect. I think mom has just gotten stronger over the the last few weeks, as well. It doesn't change everything. It doesn't mean we go back to Mayo. It doesn't mean we re-examine chemo. Those decisions are made, but I didn't know a patient could improve as a result of hospice and I'm pleased that mom is responding well.

Sleep is a precious antidote, and we are being given the gift of time. I didn't think we'd get it, not with our luck. But we are. 


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