We had a really nice, relaxing Thanksgiving this year. We just showed up, which is eternally easier than hosting, but my lovely aunt Deb and uncle Brad fixed a wonderful dinner and we spent the day at their house lazing around and chatting. It was one of the best holiday's I can remember. Mom got tired, but she just went to sleep for a bit that day. On Friday, we took Ginger to see a movie and got out of her hair so she could rest more. Saturday, we fled the compound and returned home.

Everyone keeps asking about when we'll know something about anything, and the answer is that I don't know. We could hear CT results anytime, but depending on that news, we could end up doing anything -- even nothing. Mom will travel to and stay in Denver for a bit this month and take advantage of her improved health for now.

Every moment at home is great, yet it's hard not to wonder what it all means, if we should be doing things differently or trying something new just to do it. I'm not sure that's our mantra anymore. I'm thinking it's more along the lines of enjoyment and relishing and paying dues for eating too much instead of adhering to the diet or listening for the phone to ring with a doctor on the other side.

Mostly, I was grateful to stand next to my mom, readying ourselves in a bathroom mirror as we did for years and years, commenting on makeup or asking where the hair dryer is and wondering if the lip matches. We ate a little later in the evening and snacked too much. We stacked it on my dad. She reveled in the grandchild. It's thankfulness by nature, but really just simple and without feathers or fame.


  1. It really is the little things in life that are the most precious. Hugs and love to your whole family.


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