I haven't had the heart or energy to write this week. I'm more clear-headed, but surely teetering and feeling like a yo-yo. I'm grateful for my work colleagues who have given me expert advice and support like I've not felt before. It turns out that, unlike motherhood advice, I actually value hearing the experiences of others dealing with chronic illness. Guess I'm in the right sector.

All that said, mom has had a good week. She spent time with family and has been on her feet a lot. Today, she met her hospice nurse, who has surprisingly dealt with cholangiocarcinoma patients twice.  I hope some sleep is on the way... That seems to be mom's fuel.

Thanks, as always, to everyone checking in. Mom still isn't ready for lots of visitors and is banking her reserves for next week when we invade. My guess is were in good shape if she gives us a curfew.


  1. Paulette, Hope you are stock piling *f*u*e*l* for the festivities. Wishes for a warm and cozy day. Love you! Safe traveling to the Denver bunch. Jerry said there was snow and ice this morning.


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