Sunday night, finally. So glad the week is over. After all the crappy news, we were rewarded with a wonderful weekend with mom. She rested and -- with the exception of Friday -- she felt like and acted like herself. I was glad to depart today knowing she intended to bake and that she insisted we have breakfast (made by her, not us). We learned a lot about hospice, and are hopeful that it will make her comfortable, sleep and add a much-needed layer of support. We had more affirmations from Mayo. I think we had "the conversation" with the experts and it's assured that we've left no stone unturned. With hospice, her strength could grow and it seems we might have a small chance of a little more. There are generous resources everywhere, and that feels good when the night comes and we can't wander off into dreams because we're frightened of or sad about the future.


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