Yellow Friday

Mom is finally getting over this terrible cold -- hip hip! She sounds more like herself all the time. Blood work results showed much improvement in her white blood cell count. I'm grateful to our friends who are healthcare professionals, checking in and listening to her lungs.

I'm hopeful that we can see her soon. My dad has just been an incredible rock for me this week, as I teeter on the edge of anger at doctor's and the general situation. My level head is gone in a flash and I hate not being able to control where things are headed. He's all over next steps with Mayo. Indeed, that is an unknown right now and it's unclear what we are facing. I do hope she can have more chemo-embolization, even if regular chemo isn't an option because of blood issues. That said, it will likely be a while before another trek north is even an option. She must get healthier and stronger. I feel silly writing the latter, because she's stronger than all of our quad together. She really is.

Either way, it's Friday and we survived another week. Her voice is my mom again and I hope we all start and close today in a blanket of comfort.


  1. I am so glad to hear you're kicking that darn cold to the curb! You just keep resting and we'll keep praying. We miss you stax!!! Btw, the little girl seems to be on a spree...she broke her arm on Tuesday night.


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