It continues. Mom slept nearly all day yesterday. I chatted with her late in the day. She seems to be feeling a little better, but she sounds pretty icky. She is eating, at least. I haven't seen her in so long I'm starting to wonder if I will be shocked when I do. Last time, right after we found out the cancer was back, was in mid-August. We all retreated to the mountains and watched for bears after dark while sitting in hot spring pools by day. They drove in late from Mayo. Mom couldn't get in the water. She hunted for and found my daughter a large dinosaur egg (a big rock that Ginger believes will hatch into a baby triceratops) for her egg garden. We planned Halloween costumes and mom kept her Canon SLR around her neck all the time. She made us sandwiches and packed little coolers for the pool, and sat in a lawn chair covered in a towel, away from the wind. She slept a little at night, but conveniently emerged to the cabin living area just as her little granddaughter woke us all up for the day... To snuggle. I think if I could get away from everything and just go lay in bed with her, it would be better.


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