Ugh, Thursday

Called mom on my way into work today, and it seems her poor little body is under attack yet again. She has a full-blown cold in a matter of hours. It came on fast, so I'm really hoping she's in bed under covers as I write this. She has more blood work tomorrow. Her sense of humor is at play, and even though she's still a bit loopy from meds, it's great to hear her voice. Ginger and I were going to travel and see her tomorrow, but have opted out to give her space for continued recovery (as we recover ourselves from colds). We hope to see her the following weekend.

I don't like being controlled, yet I'm completely Type-A and want to control this. I hate not being able to see my mom. My only comfort is all of you and the support she has daily. Thank you for doing it.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing sending love, hugs, and prayers.


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