It turns out mom's internal bleeding isn't from the varices. It's from her stomach. She continues to have internal bleeding and they're trying to isolate it, suspecting the stomach issues are resulting from anesthesia, IV drugs and other factors related to the last few days. It may just be that intestines are several feet long and it's taking forever to shake out. The varices did appear close to rupture on Sunday, so it's good they are banded for a bit.

We got the directives from mom's main doc on next steps:

1. Isolate bleed. (Underway.)
2. Understand what to do if bleed happens at home (Call 911 with specific instructions).
3. Set up new primary doctor at home. (Done.)
4. Set up new primary doctor in neighboring city. (Done.)
5. Set up secondary oncologist in Denver (my recommendation that was welcomed and Mayo is  underway referring now). (Not done yet.)
6. Get mom to walk. (Underway.)
7. Transition from IV meds to oral meds. (Underway.)
8. Transition from liquid to solid food this afternoon. (Guessing it's underway.)


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