More madness

Another squishy night. Mom will remain in the hospital today. The bleed issue continues to not resolve, so they're watching it. I'm okay with this, because bleeds are bad. BAD.

The staff pulled her off the solid diet from yesterday and she's back on a liquid diet for a more gentle GI approach. Her arm swelled in the night so they pulled an IV. It prevented her from sleeping well.

Dad counted. She's still on five bags of juice. Yesterday, she was on six, so perhaps that's an improvement, but who knows. Docs haven't been on rounds yet. 

They're both antsy to get out. I continue to be assured by my dad's ongoing praise of mom's doctors. His skeptical mind is long gone, and we are reminded of why she's at Mayo. People ask me all the time: why go so far away for this? Two reasons. One: It's one of two places in the U.S. that specializes in cholangiocarcinoma. Two: Quality of care. Mayo's reputation precedes it and on a rather historic day for healthcare reform, I'm very peaceful about this seeming blockade in our road to recovery. Mayo is ahead of the game, and they've figured out the holistic approach to better health a long time ago.

Anyway, let's hope for tiny increments of improvement today. I'm off to New Orleans for work tomorrow (if all goes well) and thus my reporting will surely be more jovial. Yes?


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