Mom is resting after another long day and lots of tests and other unpleasant stuff. She ate a bit this afternoon, and bathed.

She and Gingie facetimed this evening. 

She sounds tired but a lot like herself. They discussed what they'll play when they next see each other.

The doctors told dad that mom needs some daily changes for the body to rid itself of the clot. That includes a better diet (boo).

Her hemo was up to 9 after two more units of blood last night but her white blood cell count was down, so they're pumping her full of antibiotics just in case.

She probably won't get out tomorrow. 

Here's hoping to a quiet, restful night. 

P.S. Thanks again for regularly checking in. I'm terrible about staying in touch but all of you wonderful people are not. It's so reassuring to have your support. Mom likes to hear from you, so don't be bashful about leaving comments.


  1. So good to hear that she seems to be doing okay. The little girls ask about her everyday and pray for her every night.

  2. Missing you Pauletty! Wish you were home in boring old Ulysses wearing your purple. Scoping with Ginger has to be the best medicine there is. God bless you, deb

  3. Hey "P" we are all rooting for a quick recovery and perfect news from the doc's. You are in our thoughts a prayers!


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