A recovery metaphor

Wow, mid-August is on our tail!

As far as I know, mom is progressing in a good way. She has her new appointments scheduled at Mayo in about two weeks, and only time will tell. I think she's feeling better. I know it's been good for to return to work. And I know she's able to make sure I'm on track with certain things (he he). But I think she's a wee bit bored, not having gained all of her regular combusting energy back yet.

Recovery gets so long and boring that I've almost forgotten what it was like before this all happened. It used to not be unusual for me to phone her at work if I get lost. I get lost a lot.

Yesterday morning, low and behold, I was lost, trying to remember where a friend lived and rushing to work at the same time. I picked up the phone in a panic and thought, "who can I call?" Hubzo was off work to hang out with a friend in town, so... nope, he's sleeping in and that won't work. Thayne is traveling for work, not in Boulder... won't work. Nobody's at the office yet... that won't work.

Oh! I suddenly remembered that I could call mom at work!!!

Alas, I peeked down at the time and it was only 8:45 AM in Kansas. I didn't think she'd be in quite yet with her shortened hours.

So, I called and woke up hubzo from dreamland instead. Thank goodness for Google maps.


  1. I am so glad she is doing well!

    You can call me anytime, I am pretty much a walking Denver street atlas, well for the area you would have been in at least.


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