Off to Mayo

Mom and dad are traveling to Mayo today and will start mom's new appointments on Monday.

We had such a treat last weekend when she and my dad unexpectedly cruised into Denver for the weekend. We haven't had one of "those" weekends since March, when we first discovered she might be sick. It was bittersweet and very nice to relax and enjoy the lovely Colorado mornings and evenings (forget the afternoons, because it was HOT)!

Mom was looking a million times more healthy than last time we saw her in mid-July. She has much weight to regain, but her spirit is back and her energy was surprisingly hefty.

Keep mom is your prayers over the next few days as we await news of pathology reports and how her recovery after surgery is progressing.


  1. Paulette & Greg,

    Hope the drive has been pleasant and today is restful. Praying that your progress will be doctor-endorsed with a big A-OK.

    Loves & Hugs,

    PS found 2 place settings of silverplate!

  2. Praying for good reports from the doctor!


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