Whatta week

Mom's strength continues to build!

I don't know for sure, but I think her immobility is making her very antsy and frustrated. The thought of lying in bed watching television is no picnic for her. I've also noticed that on days when she sets goals for herself, or knows she has a priority that day (such as hosting her dear friend Peggy who drove many miles to visit her this week!), she does better. 

She actually went into the office for a bit yesterday, and couldn't remember basic URLs and things like that. Although I'm not surprised (reading wasn't really an option mere weeks ago), I think she was. It'll all come back to her. 

We aren't traveling to be with her this weekend, so I hope she doesn't get too lonely. :)

Her surgeon's appointment is on Monday. I think she's progressed well beyond that nasty infection. I'm not so sure they'll remove her bile drainage bag yet. It's still draining. Frankly, I know it's not FUN, but I am nervous about another doctor removing it. It's not just stuck into her side! It goes in through her liver and biliary system, and was placed during the surgery.

Trust. Trust. I have to remember to trust.  


  1. Hi, Paulette ...

    Hey, if you're reading this on Friday, why are you still up so late?? Oops, does that mean that I'm up too late as well?!

    Last night at this time we were still on Amtrak but within an hour of pulling into the Garden City train station. We had a great two weeks, but as you well know, there's no place like home.

    Our prayers continue for your body to gain strength, Paulette. Each day brings a deeper level of recovery within your body. It must seem awfully slow to you, I'm sure, but all things are on a Master time table that only the Father knows. He is watching over you, my friend. I'm glad that the Lord never takes a vacation that puts Him across the country from us and our needs. I'm glad that He has a year-round contract to teach us and guide us through the curves and blind spots that circumstances present now and then. I'm glad that He is faithful even when we're not, that He is always more gracious and kind than we deserve, that He views us through the lens of Jesus' sacrifice on our behalf, that we cannot exhaust His grace, and that He is in control (lovingly pushing our grabby hands aside when we try to take over!). God is good.

    Well, good night, Paulette. Rest well.

    Caring about you,

  2. Greetings on Sunday, Paulette ...

    Just today I realized that I hadn't turned my calendar page from June to July; and when I did, I was excited about the message on the calendar I have in my study. Here it is, Paulette, perhaps written just for you for now ... "Our hope in difficult times is not based on positive thinking, wishful thinking, or natural optimism. It is a certainty based on the truth that God is in complete control of our universe and He loves us." (The Purpose-Driven Life) Scripture verse: "Your trust can be in God Who raised Christ from the dead and gave Him great glory. Now your faith and hope can rest in Him alone." (I Peter I:21) Cool, wonderful, awesome words, don't you think?

    I am praying for you today, trusting that God is strengthening your body, that His Word is encouraging your heart, and that the Holy Spirit is keeping your mind in complete peace.

    Today's Joke:

    A little boy who went to the ballet for the first time with his father watched the girls dance around on their toes for a while, and then asked, "Why don't just get taller girls?"

    Encouraging Words in Galatians 1:3 -- “Paulette, may peace and blessing be yours from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.”

    Have a restful, relaxing day, my friend.

    Caring about you,

  3. Good Morning, Paulette ...

    Hey, it's cool, had some sprinkles of rain (or did I just imagine that?), now the sun is looking for a place to break through the clouds. Life is like that sometimes. We know that the sun is right there somewhere, struggling to get through to light up the rough places in our journey, searching for a place to let us know that we are not alone to face the events of the hours ahead. Trust and patience, Paulette, those are the passwords.

    Today's Joke:

    Patient: Doctor, doctor, last night I dreamed I was tepee. The night before, I dreamed I was a wigwam.
    Doctor: Just relax -- you're two tents.

    Encouraging Words in Romans 15:33 (Message) -- “God’s peace be with you, Paulette. Oh, yes!”

    Caring about you,


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