What a great night we all had on Saturday evening -- the band rocked out, people danced their tails off (although everyone was a tad shy at first) and lots of mom's best friends and wonderful community came out to support her.

Mummsy made it out for the festivities, as well, and is allowing one lone photo (see above) of her that I barely captured as she walked in and greeted her beloved Aunt Helen and Uncle Joe (they traveled four hours and spent the night for the event!).

So... with that, enjoy the pics and allow me the time to thank each of the wonderful, amazing friends of ours who took valuable time out of your daily lives to make this fabulous night happen. (I will refrain from posting video, because while there is a great amount of humorous activity captured on film, it is likely best that it stay locked up in the Big Fat Fun event vault forever. Someday, someday.)

We are tremendously grateful for the community of Ulysses, for the Fort family and for our friends and neighbors who brainstormed, organized and brought this fun event to life. You not only brought everyone a delightful evening of music, socializing and fundraising; you also played host to a much needed and immensely comfortable atmosphere for mom to re-enter the community.

For us, that was more than anything we could have hoped for. For mom, it made what might have been a very challenging step much easier to tackle. And, I know for a fact she had a really fun time! (I also know for a fact that the rest of us had a really good time, too! Tee hee.)

Thank you...
Pam and Jay Annis
Sherry and Beatty Annis
Stacey and Darren Figgins
Kim and Kevin Ford
Mary Kay and Craig Malone
Catherine and Kevin Moyer
Jim and Shirley Wilson
Crystal and Kelly Wilson... and everyone else in your yellow t-shirts! We love you all (including Big Fat Fun)!


  1. Good Morning Paulette,
    Hope you have rested up from family and fun. The band was answsome in fact I got on line and looked at some other places that they play. Allot up by Wichita it was so fun.The best part was seeing you up and getting back to your spunkie self.On Saturday I had taken Quenten my grandson swimming it was fun to see Greg and your kids there together.I am hoping you can get stronger each new day.And start enjoying more things that you like to do.Pam told us last night you were baking so your on the right track.We missed you last night and hope your back with us soon. Keep taking good care of yourself and lots of rest and relaxtion will get you there.Think of you daily and your always in my prayers. Peg

  2. Hi Paulette, Greg, and all;
    We’re so sorry to have missed THE EVENT in Ulysses this past weekend! As I posted in an earlier blog, I’m sure Ulysses won’t ever be the same. We really enjoy going to see this band in the Wichita area. Taryn, I’m glad you are archiving the video, because if it’s anything like what we see around here….well you know (hee, hee). Although…I would love to see/experience how much fun you all were having. On their web page, Big Fat Fun posted how kind, generous, and FUN Ulysses is as a community. I think this event touched them as well. Having been raised in Ulysses, as part of the Fort CLAN, their impression is spot on. That’s a part I always miss, and look forward to when “coming home”. COMMUNITY is what it’s all about; so bask in the love of God, your family, friends, and even those you may not have yet met. You are in our thoughts and prayers, and we remain positive regarding the continued healing and follow-up that’s needed with your recovery. Love, The Dowling’s

  3. Hi Paulette,
    It was great to see you on Saturday night, you are looking really good! It was a fun evening and hope it didn't wear you down too much. I know you will continue to gain strength and stamina each day, keep up the good work!


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