Saturday is only 4 days away


  1. Happy Wednesday Paulette.
    Hope things are improving lots.Gaining strenght in every way and able to be more mobile.
    As you probably know Lee took on a new job at Hugoton and is so excited about coaching basketball again and this week is his girl's basketball camp. He's is in the height of his glory go figure.McKenzie is moving to Deerfield the end of the month and is ready to get her own place again.I will miss all the mess and her little dog Griffey (yorkie) I have become to attached. I think he will miss me too.So things are fixing to change at our house.
    Anyway am excited about the Big Fat Fun and I hope your feeling better with each new day.I'm hoping to get over and see you again soon.I think of you each day and with my heart and my prayers I hope your soooooooo much better.With love Peg


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