Miss mums already

Back in Denver after a really wonderful long weekend with mums and dad... had a great family 4th of July and felt better leaving mom this week versus last week. Of course, we'll be back in full force this coming weekend for the July 11th Benefit in Ulysses. Click here for more info. Anyone can join us for a fun night and live band to help raise funds for mom's medical fund.

Hope to see ya'll there!


    Sounds like you had a great holiday weekend.Today rest is probably a must from all your celebrating of the fourth.So glad your getting stronger and feeling better.Each new day becomes a blessing and how far you have come.Remember not to over due.May you have a blessed week with lots of new progress and much healing.Keep resting and getting stronger with my heart and prayer for you today.With love Peg

  2. Good Morning Paulette & Greg,

    Hope you had some of the nice lofty cloud cover that kept the weekend temperatures down. Ride the rest of the week on that lofty cloud that accompanies having had a great weekend with family and looking forward to their return. Wheat harvest is almost done here and from all reports it is a bountiful one.

    We watched fireworks from the Ellis Campground. Apparently Leonard Schoenberger does it up big every year for his family... and it was B I G and beautiful.

    The Ellis Thrift had something with your name on it :>) an angel food cake pan! The mid size one.

    Praying that your strength is returning at a steady pace and the incision is healing as it should.

    God bless your week.

    Loves & Hugs,

  3. Paulette,
    Greetings from Texas! It appears like you are getting better every day. It sounds like the entire community has been lending you and Greg a helping hand. They are just repaying you for all the wonderful things you have done for them over the years.
    Try not to dance too much this weekend.
    Take care and you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    The Roberts


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