A few laughs

Mom has been cracking me up this week. 

Each time I talk to her, that well-known feistiness surfaces more. I suspect that -- during cancer time -- one control tactic she immediately recognized as being effective was that of her role as a mother. The questioning or persuading or advice-giving (er... ok, not advice but ordering, of the kindly threatening sort) in response to your problem would trigger you to instantly recognize mom again. 

To that, I'm not used to making decisions or persuading decisions that my mom makes. But, cancer time has made me accustomed to it. I think it was easier than anticipated -- either that or I have some of her feistiness in me. 

So, as recovery continues, I'm delighted to cautiously slip back into the role of "daughter" and let her give me my marching orders in that motherly way that she does. (One thing I've learned as an adult is that time travel is impossible and I can't be 24 again, so I clearly have no choice in the matter.) 

Not that I haven't picked up on some of her tactics... they're pretty effective when she needs to slow it down and not try to do quite so much. But I rely on her helping to guide me into the right direction sometimes, especially when I find myself (frequently) at an indecisive road. Did you know I'm indecisive? Yes. I overcommit myself and can't say no. I have an indelible need to be involved. I am a control maniac. I feel like giving my two cents will persuade a situation into the direction I favor. 

Alas, my freaky notions about controlism and life often backfire, and mom must step in to clue me in at my stages of bafflement. 

So, you see, I need her to be here much, much longer. I just grew up this year! I'm way behind! Or am I just learning that being an adult is more "acting" like you know what you're doing versus really knowing anything at all? 

Sigh. I don't really care. I like having my mom tell me to take Sudafed when I'm sick and reminding me to get our second bedroom set up for hubzo's best friend's upcoming visit or how to make chicken sour cream enchiladas or the appropriate type of appetizer I should take to hubzo's boss' BBQ tonight. I even found myself lost in Denver yesterday, as usual, trying to find a public garden... normally, I'd have just called and asked her to help, but didn't want to chance waking her from a nap. Sometimes, I call her to help remind me where something is in New York City -- the battiest, easiest place to get lost -- and, yes, she knows the streets there better than I do. 

But then again, isn't that what she does for all of us? Super mom. Ha ha. 

Indeed she is. 


  1. I have to say it was such a pleasant surprise to see Paulette setting at her desk this last week. Also what a stride she has made since last seeing her at the dance. You are getting closer everyday, just don't push it too much and pay for it the next day. We are all still cheering and praying for your recovery. Keep up the good work.

  2. H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A R Y

    Greg & Paulette !

  3. I'm so glad she is getting back to her old self! You can always call me if you are lost somewhere, I'm pretty good and getting people unlost in most areas of the city (though I do have a few black holes).

  4. Hi Paulette,
    It was good to catch up with the blog...I've been a little out of touch due to fair and parade activities last week.
    I have no doubt that you will be back in prime form before we know it...but don't forget that your body has been through an ordeal and cut it some slack once in awhile with some R&R.
    It was great to see you at the dance, what a fun night!
    Hope to see you soon.

  5. Hi Paulette,
    Tom ran into Greg today and he said that you are doing better all the time and working some now...that's great. Keep up the good work but don't over do it. Let me know if there is anything that you need, I would be glad to help out.

  6. Dear Paulette,

    I am thinking of you and praying for you right now. I talked to you briefly yesterday at work, and I am gratefully amazed at how well you're doing. God is ministering to you His love and His encouragement, His strength and His peace today, my friend. He is watching over you as He heals your body and keeps you in His perfect peace. We can trust the promises of His Word that reassure us of His grace and mercy ... and His mercies are new every morning, Paulette. We cannot exhaust the power of His grace as He reaches out to us in all the circumstances we face, pulls us close by the creative power of His Word, and keeps us close through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

    Today's Joke:

    A brunette, a redhead, and a blonde were on their way to heaven. God told them that the stairway to heaven was 1000 steps, and that on every 5th step He would tell them a joke. He told them not to laugh at any of the jokes along the way or else they would not be able to enter heaven.

    The brunette went first and started laughing on the 45th step, so she could not enter heaven.

    The redhead went next and started laughing on the 200th step, so she could not enter heaven either.

    Then, it was the blonde's turn. When she got to the 999th step, she started laughing.

    "Why are you laughing?" God asked. "I didn't tell a joke."

    "I know," the blonde replied. "I just got the first joke."

    Encouraging Words in I Thessalonians 1:1 (Living Bible) -- “Paulette, may blessing and peace of heart be your rich gifts from God our Father, and from Jesus Christ our Lord.”

    Have a great Friday, my friend.


  7. Hi Paulette,

    Hope it's a mellow yellow Friday to celebrate your return to work. You are amazing!

    Loves & Hugs,

  8. Glad to hear the recovery is going well. We think of you always and pray daily that this healing continues. May God keep you always heading to good health!!!


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