Cookie monster

Hubzo and I rolled into town around 11:30 PM last night and promptly fell into bed. Mums was waiting -- true to form -- in her chair for us. Even the dog was conked out and refused to make any noise.

Mom is in better spirits. I haven't changed her dressing yet, but she says, per Deb, that the incision wounds look more "shallow". Believe me, that's good. Eeek.

I think back to one year today when mom was doing her mom thing to the enth degree as I flew away from my last day as a New Yorker to begin life in Colorado.

Let me tell you: when you need someone to organize a move, call mom (well, wait until she's better though!). She's the BEST. I had 28 boxes of kitchen stuff and books, two ginormous bags of clothes, a laptop and an apartment we rented over the phone. No furniture. No shampoo. No hubzo because he was closing out the job and our Brooklyn 'hood space.

That week, all I needed was my momma and my stress flew out the window. The apartment magically filled, I found a local pizza joint, we watched the best fireworks I've ever seen (yes, better than sitting in a loft above the East river with full view of the Macy's barges), she zonked out with Cole (the dog) on Thayne's sofa.

Matt (hubzo), a renowned cookie and chocolate junkie, awoke this morning in my old room and eagerly said "can we have cookies for breakfast?"

I laughed. You know why, too. Because there are always cookies in this house. Not today, though. She still isn't up to kitchen speed.

I think he and I will take the cookie reins today.


  1. Happy Thursday Paulette.
    Nothing better then kids coming back home.Oh wait maybe grandkids??(smile) Wishing you lots of great days over this fourth of July holiday.Hope your sleeping better and getting stronger with each new day.Lee and I are going to Nebraska to visit Lee's son and grandson.I will keep you in my prayers as we travel and pray when I get home your even better then ever.Taryn and Hubzo may you eat lots of cookies and enjoy being with your Mom and Dad.Give your Mom a big Hug for me.With my heart and prayers today I send you many blessings. Love Peg

  2. Hi Paulette,
    Glad to hear things are looking up. I hope you enjoy your family time this weekend with Taryn and huzbo. If you feel up to it, be sure and watch the fireworks display, it may not measure up to the one in Colorado but it should be good by U-Town standards.
    I hope your harvest is progressing nicely and that Greg will have time to relax and enjoy the kids some too.
    I'll pick out my yellow in your honor tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend!


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