Sunday rest

I was so delighted to receive not one, but two phone calls from mums yesterday. It was almost like a normal weekend when we discuss each other's food endeavor's of the day. The tiredness is in her voice, though. She claims to be getting the best sleep yet while she and Patsy muddled through a rainy, chilly Minnesota weekend. 

Mom has bloodwork and a big appointment with the surgeons on Thursday to track progress. Her bile "bag" is still draining, much to our dismay, but we hope it seals itself off soon. 

Mum is still retaining a lot of water, so she's still on Lasix. Hope this week is a big one in terms of positive news and recovery. 


  1. Good Morning, Paulette.

    Rest, Food, Exercise for this week as your body gains strength, drains off the water, and the bile "bag" stops draining. One day at a time. God is working things out for you, Paulette.

    This weekend I watched a DVD movie, set in New Ulm, Minnesota: NEW IN TOWN. I thought of you as I listened to the Minnesota accent ... very comical. Cute.

    Our thoughts and prayers continue for you, trusting God for a good report on Thursday.

    Today's Joke: "Irritations for a Sane Person"
    ** You have to try on a pair of sunglasses with that stupid little plastic thing hanging in the middle of your nose.
    ** You open a can of soup and the lid falls in.
    ** The tiny red string on the Band-Aid wrapper breaks before you get the Band-Aid out.
    ** Whatever you take out of a box can never be put back in the box exactly the same way.
    ** Three hours and three meetings after lunch, you look in the mirror and see a piece of parsley stuck between your front teeth.

    Encouraging Words in Isaiah 54:10 -- “For even if the mountains walk away and the hills fall to pieces, My love won’t walk away from you, Paulette. My covenant commitment of peace won’t fall apart. The God Who has compassion on you says so.”

    Have a relaxing Monday, Paulette.

    Caring about you,

  2. Happy Monday Paulette,
    So glad to hear you are home away from home.Hoping you can rest allot get rid of all your extra water and the bile will stop draining.I'll be praying that Thursday is a good report day and you soon will be ready for the Real Home life.Sure wishing you lots of good rest and relaxing days with Patsy there to pamper you.(Thank you Patsy).Paulette I hoping each day becomes easyer for you and my heart and prayers are with you today and everyday. With all my love Peg

  3. Hooray for being home away from home. Know you are excited as we all are to hear the great news. Lots of rest, and you will be back in Kansas before we know it. So happy that things are going good and we continue to pray for smooth sailing as you go to the doctor on Thursday. We are continuing to keep you in our prayers.

    Love ya,
    Terri V

  4. Aren't Sister -in Laws great -- I have 8 of them -- but believe me they are the best when they are one at at time! Today was the first day a VBS -- The Boomerang Express -- "IT all comes back to Jesus!" Funny how that is with everything -- when we give it over to the Lord -- we can let Him handle the impossible! We had 30 little munchkins -- which is a lot for Long Island! I still don't know where they all came from!!! Kind of like the docotors in your room -- "You still don't know where they all are coming from -- but we know why they are there.... to make Paulette better again! AMEN!!

  5. Hi Paulette & Patsy,

    Hope it's been a good Monday for you. A chilly weekend on 9th St has to be better than one in the hospital. Don't we always want things to happen faster than lightening? But, alas, we get to practice patience over and over throughout our lifetimes. I'm betting on a steady speed of natural and lasting healing for you. Sure and steady wins the race. One of the bonuses is good sleep so there you go for one steady step. Keep it up Dear! ... or have you put the mattress back on the floor?

    Our trip through the Paris Flea Market, of course, brought thoughts of you. We stopped at 10:30a to savor Maple Walnut Crumble Crunch Cupcakes from the Sugar Bomb vendor. Mmmmmmm :>)

    Then resuming our search through items, too-pricey-for-this-thrifter-but-oh-so-charming, we ran across a nice *yellow* vintage handbag that called Sharon's name.

    The youth at church are having their annual garage sale next Saturday. While I was there working in the library today, I got a sneak peak. Wish you were here on Saturday at 7 am! But there will be plenty of thrifting when you are feeling more like the thrill of the hunt :>)

    Praying for your steady progress this week. God is there, ever-steady, to oversee all.

    Loves & Hugs,


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