Straight up: we need your yellowness today

Can anyone believe it's Friday, finally?

What a long week it's been, especially for mums. Please remember to wear your yellow today, because I'm convinced it helps. I didn't wear my yellow strawberry earrings yesterday, and mum didn't have such a great day. I won't forget again.

I had a talk with her last night, while she waited for what I'm sure was a scrumptious and healthy meal. Patsy did all the nutritional research for liver regeneration, so things are on track for mom's eating (every couple hours, leafy greens, lean protein, omega 3s, antioxidants). Perhaps we should fill mom up with a giant blueberry!

Sigh. My injection of humor is half-hearted because it's been a really tough week in recovery 101. But... the important thing is that three short weeks ago we were all waking up with feelings of terror, and she is here with us now with a long, long tiresome job that includes mental and physical regeneration and recovery. While the incision is taking its time ridding itself of infection, it's also likely contributing to her complete exhaustion. She's just very tired, and it's frustrating her.

Here's hoping for an uneventful weekend (no ER, no doc visits, no incision scariness, no other scariness) and that mom settles into a recovery pattern that includes healthy eating, rest, and virulence.

Interesting fact: when one google's "recovery", what should pop up but a government Web site devoted to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which is an unprecedented effort to jumpstart our economy, save and create millions of jobs, and put a down payment on addressing long-neglected challenges so our country can thrive in the 21st century. The remaining search results range from more economic recovery sites to "clean livin'" recovery to data recovery to Nasa mission recovery. Not one search result is devoted to cancer, heart disease or stroke recovery: the three things that kill more people in this country than any other disease.


  1. Good Morning Paulette,

    Hurrah for a nutritional diet plan. (Thanks, Patsy.)

    Sometimes the hardest thing of all is to be patient. Paulette, you've been on a heck of a roller coaster ride these past few months. The intense kind that leaves you woozy as you step off into the real world. Your sure footing will return with time. Ah, the secret word. Each person and situation is different, so we can't put a stop watch to it. Even for the determined (and those of long lines of stubborn/German heritage) healing takes as long as it takes.

    I pray that you will focus on something enjoyable today, which in turn can loosen up your body and send the good stuff sailing through to gently heal body and soul.

    In your honor, I'm taking a bunch of yellow supplies to Sharon's for our play day. Who knows what we will come up with! On the subject of yellow... Penny's has darling yellow polka dot bras. And I finally found yellow socks :>)

    TaaTaa for now.
    BIG YELLOW Loves & Hugs,


  2. Happy Friday Paulette,
    Hoping today is a better day. Praying for you with the struggles with infections,your energy level to get better,and just a better recovery plan for you.Sorry for long days and your recovery to be so uncomfortable but each day will get better.Am just thank God your here and recovering.Your body is demanding allot of things from you right now time and rest is the right thing.If I could give you one thing today it would be a bright yellow sun shine day inside and out.My heart in with you today and everyday my friend.May you rest easy today and enjoy lots and lots of greens,and berries. With love Peg

  3. Paulette,
    Glad Patsy has you taken care of on the eating side. Go Patsy! Hope the infection is leaving your body more everyday. I am sure you are frustrated because you are home and still can't do much. But remember to enjoy being waited on hand and foot, you deserve it. Remember patience is a virtue!

    Hope you stay in under the air conditioner and out of the heat. Get lots of rest and keep on eating.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  4. Hi Paulette,
    I can't imagine how "ucky" you feel at this low point in your recovery. Unfortunately, infection is an all too common risk of surgery/hospitalization - and it certainly kicks your tail! Here's hoping the antibiotics start killing those bacterial bugs right out of your system! Taryn's comment about a giant blueberry reminded me of the movie "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (I like the old version better). Remember the part with the full course food gum? "You're Turning Violet - Violet!" - and then they had to send Violet to the juicing room? Blueberries are in season and on sale (here) - so eat 'em up, and with your nutritional plan, along with the antibiotics, just "squeeze" those bugs out and get better! We definatlely have the yellow on, and continue to send healing prayers your way! Love, The Dowlings

  5. We should all eat so healthy!! I hope it makes you feel better. I'm sure it would be good for the rest of us.

    It's amazing to me to even think about what you have been through over the last months. Keep up the positive thinking to help speed along the healing. In that regard, I will continue to send you positive thoughts and energy. nk

  6. Good Afternoon, Paulette --

    I am thinking of you this afternoon and praying that your recuperation is going well. Each day your body is gaining strength as you recover from surgery and as your incision heals from the infection. I thank God for His miracle of healing. Thank God that Patsy is feeding you the good stuff that will work with the medication and the natural workings of your body to get things moving along quickly. You are a witness of His grace and mercy, His power and anointing. He speaks to you, He speaks through you as you share your unshakable trust in His Word. How do people who rely on themselves ever survive the struggles life hands them? If God is on our side, who can be against us? Circumstances may challenge us, life may throw us curves at the speed of 100 m.p.h, people may disappoint us, but God walks us through, carries us over, guides us to the finish line. He is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or can even imagine according to His power at work within us. Ephesians 3:20.

    Today's Joke:

    A man was still a little groggy from the anesthesia after surgery. His wife was sitting at his bedside. As his eyes fluttered open, he murmured, "You're beautiful." Then he fell asleep.

    A few hours later, he woke up, looked at his wife and said,"You're cute."

    "What happened to 'beautiful'?" she asked.

    "I guess the drugs must be wearing off," he replied.

    Encouraging Words in Revelation 1:4 -- “Paulette, may you have grace and peace from God Who is, and was, and is to come!“

    God loves you, Paulette, and I do, too.

    Praying for you,

  7. Yellow hugs & Kisses.... I had to laugh at the one big Blueberry comment -- Have you ever seen "Madame Bluberry" from the veggie tales? Jerry says that's my character! Madame Bluberry wears this ugly large Hat and is a shopping fool! She goes to "Stuff Mart" and buys way tooooo much STUFF! She doesn't even know where to put all the STUFF she has, but she buys more! We will know when you are getting better.... when your desire to SHOP returns! KEEP EATING YOUR VEGGIES!!! Love ya Connie

  8. Hi Paulette & Deb,

    It's a nice overcast day here; slight breeze and mild temp. Riley said it was raining in Ellis, so I hope things are nice and mild in Ulysses also... or that you've carved out your own little place that is calm and serene.

    Imagine my surprise when I saw Taryn early this morning at ARC :>) I told her I'd just seen a polka dot dress that reminded me of her, so we went off to look at it. I hadn't looked at the bar markers and for sure she doesn't wear a size 18! Geez, only slightly embarrassing... So she followed me home and downloaded from the back of your car. Does that mean I can add more? hee hee We look forward to a day long thrifting outing when you are enjoying the mountain air again. But for now I understand that you are pleased as punch to be back among your own familiar surroundings.

    Everywhere I look these days, something yellow pops out and reminds me of you, like 2 pretty breakfast bowls at ARC and the neighbor's huge lily planter. Not to mention that Year of Color blog I joined, has YELLOW for the June theme :>) Yesterday when I arrived at Sharon's, she also had on yellow. What a sweet friend. You would love to see her garden - and perhaps you shall on a future visit. There are lots of friends of friends cheering you on and keeping you in prayer. How comforting that so many people are so loving and generous. Please sit back and accept that generosity from family and hometown Ulysses friends. It's exactly what you've done for years... just in reverse... so it makes perfect sense, right? :>)

    Off to pot some plants and launder a dozen Hawaian shirts :>)

    Lottssa Loves & Yellow Hugs,


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