Onto mashed potatoes

Mums had a hard night with no sleep, but physically, she's doing well. Her surgeon nearly beamed this morning at her recovery thus far. Her portal vein is open and free of clots right now (yay!). Her liver is functioning well. Her bile is heading south.

She's very, very tired and only able to stay awake a few minutes at a time. She also wiped herself out yesterday with a speed walk near end of the day, and was put on oxygen as a result. We need to slow it (or her) down!

Anyway, she is back on softs and requested mashed potatoes for lunch. She's having a bath and we've reserved the afternoon for a nice, long nap that we hope she actually achieves.

Sleep and rest are our biggest priorities today. Keep the comments coming, everyone; she's getting a huge kick out of reading them!


  1. YOU Go GIRL !!! I'm so glad to read how well you are doing. Keep up the good work.
    Miss you, xoxoxo Mary Kay

  2. We are SOOO glad to read how well your are doing! Cami said to keep eating those tators cause they will make you better, they are her favorite!! We are thinking of you often and miss you!!!

    Jason,Andrea,Kali,Koy & Cami

  3. It is great to hear such good news but we never had a doubt that you would rally. Keep up the good work and we will keep cheering from this end. xxxxxxx from UHS

  4. Paulette, the third post op day is always the hardest for some reason, which means each day from here on out should get a little easier. Slow down a little bit. Remember when running a marathon you have to pace yourself.

    Love you
    Kathy McGill

  5. You take good care of yourself!!! Get those starches in your body and they need to put some speed bumps out for you. Slow down!!! God bless and we'll keep checking!!


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