New nutrition guidelines from ACS

The American Cancer Society nutrition guidelines recommend cutting back on red meat and processed meat, which means we should try to eat fish or poultry more often. Not sure all of my midwestern and southern pals will agree with these new guidelines, because so many of us are red meat junkies.

Nevertheless, get some great recipes here!


  1. Hi Paulette,
    Happy Tuesday sounds like the Big Fat Fun is right around the corner.Can't Wait.Hope you feel good today and life is getting easyer.Sounds like Taryn will be here on the weekends to bright up your spirits, and lighten the load for You and Greg.Taryn is getting all the nutrition guidelines in order for you so you can get back to feeling like your self again.I pray for that.This has been a long journey but a very successful one.Time and patients is the Key.Have a great day and everyday I know things will get better.My heart is with you today and everyday your the greastest. Love Peg

  2. Paulette -

    So glad you're home. I've tried to send you a couple of these posts from my Blackberry (but have had a difficult time uploading). Nevertheless, I'm so glad to know that you're back home where you belong.

    I can't imagine your journey...but can certainly imagine you fighting your way through it. You're tough when it counts and this is certainly one of those times. It's great that Taryn could come back to be with you at home.

    Neice Amber clued me into the site that Taryn set up, and it's been interesting (educational - painful - emotional) to "watch your progress" albeit voyeuristically.

    Regardless...know that we're thinking about you and that our thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery!

    Sorry that we can't be at the event on the 21st. Have fun and enjoy everything that you can. Say hello to Thane, Taryn and Greg for me.

    Take care - Hope to see you sometime this fall on a trip through Ulysses. Or - of course - if you're ever in Tulsa...please look us up.

    Kevin Burr

    ps: sorry - I posted this twice. Can't get my email address to "take" on the other.

  3. Dear Paulette,

    As the day winds down and the western sky tries to tuck the sun in for this last day of June, we quiet ourselves and reflect on God's goodness throughout this day. Tomorrow the dawn will trumpet the healing rays of July. Just as the farmers are working hard to harvest their wheat before our fickle weather surprises us with clouds building into storm status, we are praying consistently that your body is reaping the rewards of God's Word alive within you as God pulls together the loose ends of your liver to build and restore itself. And we are praying that your mind is harvesting an abundance of peace and encouragement. God is choreographing a masterpiece performance, my friend. Take the program copy to the printers; hope he has a huge stock of yellow ink. The conductor will raise His baton as all of the orchestra of pray-ers and believers take a big breath for the downbeat, and the first exquisitely harmonic sound will fill the concert hall. I have two tickets reserved on the aisle, middle section. Hot dog and root beer on the house. (Bonnie Hunt line)

    Today's Joke:

    Patient: Doctor, doctor! I keep thinking I'm a pair of curtains.

    Doctor: For heaven's sake, woman! Pull yourself together!

    Encouraging Words from Isaiah 58:11 -- "The Lord will guide you always, Paulette; He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame."

    God bless you. He loves you, and so do I.

    Praying for you,

  4. Good Morning, dear Paulette.

    Boy, we had quite the winds last night, didn't we? One direction at one moment, then shifting to another direction in a split second. Steve and I were running a marathon to open this one, close that one, and yes, to sop up the rain that blew in! It took every ounce of Brom strength last night to try to stay ahead of the stormy stuff. Life is like that, huh? We might think we're prepared and even bracing against the west wind ... and then the whole business turns south (literally!) and we're adjusting the best we can to get the benefit of the cool breeze but not to be flooded by the rain. But you know, when the winds of life come our way and we feel that our strength is insufficient (which, of course, it is), we don't have to panic because the Lord has promised to handle those storms for us. He's always keeping us safe. We can trust Him.

    Today's Joke:

    Patient: Doctor, doctor! I can't stop stealing things.

    Doctor: Take these pills for a week. If they don't work, get me a color TV.

    Encouraging Words in John 14:27 (Living Bible) -- “I am leaving you with a gift, Paulette -- peace of mind and heart! And the peace I give isn’t fragile like the peace the world gives. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

    I am thinking of you and praying for you. God loves you, Paulette, and so do I.

    The next two weeks will have us crisscrossing the United State on Amtrak train. Please know that our daily prayers will continue for you, and I'll be back online after July 17.

    Caring about you,

  5. Happy Wednesday Paulette.
    Today a little wet love when I don't have to water every plant.Already the first of July time is passing fast and summer always seems almost over after July 4th.Hope having your family home over the 4th will be fun and some great excitment for you.I know your days are long and having some noise and extra footsteps will be good for the healing.Enjoy your day and hope you feeling good.Today my heart and pray for you is getting to Great.Love Peg


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