Momma's comin' home!

Woo! Mums' received the all-clear to fly and will be traveling home this weekend!! 

Just think... two short weeks after the scariest surgery EVER, she's cancer-free and going to return to us all very soon

I'm ecstatic, and I know all of you are, too. She's been given the heave-ho from ole' Mayo and the magical surgeons!

OK, I'll be realistic now. Mums still has about six weeks of intense recovery left. She's very much in full-on recovery mode now, but even though I know everyone is super ready to take a head-butt into the red brick house, please respect her privacy while she continues getting better. I promise she'll be up-and-running in no time, ready for football season, cross country meets, K-State games, dog walks, great times out on the back porch... ice cream with her doggy. 

On another note, this experience and recovery could not have been endured and accepted with such success without all of YOU. Mom's energy and endurance fluctuates on all of your comments and involvement in -- it's truly been an extension of the wonderful people that all of you are. And, the posts won't stop here. I will continue updating on mom's condition and a variety of events to benefit mum and dad (to assist with medical payments) that are upcoming this summer and fall.

With that, I'm extremely pleased and excited to announce the first (two) of many special and benefit events in Ulysses, KS... see the next two posts for breaking news!


  1. Best news we've heard all day!! We are so glad for you, nothing like your own bed. We will continue our prayers for a safe return and a full recovery. You must be smiling from ear to ear!!

    Love you
    Bill and Kathy McGill

  2. woooooohoooooooo!

    We like that "go yellow", but we really love that yellow light turning green!

    Safe traveling and happy landings.

    We thank the Lord for this blessing to the Fort family.

    Love y'all,

  3. We have been gone for awhile, and just checked back on the may seem that recovery is moving slowly, but for us to read from the surgery to todays blog, we are amazed. Hope all continues to improve and go well. You are remembered always in our prayers. Love, Carol & Ric Dalke

  4. Wow!!! That's the Greatest news ever!!! I'm soooo happpy you've had such great results!! Have a safe trip home.

    Taryn thanks for all the updates.



  5. Dear Paulette,

    Well, well, well, what wonderful news! This has been quite a marathon, hasn't it? Hurdles gone (both high ones and low ones), victory tape stretched across the six lanes at the track -- and whoosh, there you go sprinting a victory lap around the stadium as the stands go wild with applause.

    We'll mainly celebrate with humble hearts, thanking God for His grace and mercy and His healing power. We are truly blessed. God is good, and He is faithful to the integrity of His Word, which operates in every cirumstance on time every time all the time. Wow!

    Our prayers continue during the days ahead as your body keeps on the steady road of recovery to recuperate and regather its strength; I truly believe that your restoration is going to give you a stronger body than you've ever had before. Also we're praying for a smooth trip home from there to here as the oats and corn fields there gradually become wheat fields and cattle feeders here. We're back in Kansas, Toto!

    Blessings and Love,

  6. Wonderful news, keep up the good work Paulette. We are so happy for you!
    Tom & Marieta

  7. WOW you are amazing Paulette, keep making strides like this and you will be back to your old self soon. We pray for your safe travels back to good ole Southwest Kansas. Take care and go at God's speed while you recover. The power of Prayer is amazing. God Bless Terri T

  8. I am so glad that Paulette will be back in Ulysses. She is a very resilient lady. Thanks for building this blogspot Taryn. It is great to see how much support one can have in such a hard time. I wish Paulette a very pain-free speedy recovery!!
    angie kooken


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