Mom's had a few hiccups and is seeing a surgeon today because it seems that she might have an infection in the wound area. Saturday travels turned out to be more burdensome than anyone supposed, so here we are.... Hoping that this can be brought under control so mom can continue recovering. 

This is just such a slow process. Just because she's home... wow, it makes one realize how traumatic this surgery truly was to her physical and mental bodies. I know we'll weather through, because we have to!


  1. Welcome Home Paulette! Belated birthday wishes Greg! Take care, relax and recover. You have been in our prayers and I thank Taryn for the wonderful job in keeping us updated.
    Hopefully we can see you soon. What an awesome band to be coming to Ulysses! They are really fun! Shane and Juliann

  2. Good Morning Paulette,

    Wow, wow, wow! I am still thinking about how quickly your recovery has moved along, and I believe that this little bump in the road will not be a setback of any kind, merely a different "scenic" route on this brief detour. Whatever is conflicting with your continued healing will be resolved quickly, and once again you'll be speeding along with your recovery.

    God is good, and He is your Physician and Healer, Paulette. I am trying not to be surprised by all of the wonderful, amazing aspects of your surgery and recovery, because we knew that we knew that we knew that your surgery was going to factor into healing for your body -- and yet He continues to amaze us by His awesome love and grace. We can trust the Lord for every detail of our lives, Paulette -- He takes even our mistakes and slip-ups to reconfigure them into blessings in spite of our shortcomings. He sweeps into the nooks and crannies of our lives and puts together the broken pieces of our dreams and the shattered fragments of our hopes into a masterpiece that reflects His light through the seams and cracks of our experiences.

    Today's Joke:

    A man shouted frantically into the phone, "My wife is pregnant, and her contractions are only 2 minutes apart!"

    "Is this her first child?" the doctor asked.

    "No!" the man shouted. "This is her husband!"

    Encouraging Words in II Timothy 1:2 -- “Paulette, may God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord shower you with His kindness, mercy, and peace.”

    God loves you, Paulette ... and so do I. Praise God for His Word that never wavers, never changes, never lets us down.

    Praying for you,

  3. I'm glad you are home home. I hope you will be able to relax and heal. Nasty infection needs to go away. We have no had summer yet. I hope you get some so you can sit in the sum and read - or whatever. Reading is what I would do IF I didn't have to work on getting all the rocks out of my yard.

    My thoughts are with you. Take care of yourself. nk

  4. Paulette,
    We are so glad you are home. Hope you are getting settled and into a routine. Hopefully the infection will be a minor thing that can be easily fixed and you will be infection free very soon! Then you will be able to get back on track to recovering and healing.

    Healing can be such a slow process and can sometimes be frustrating, but remember it is a slow process for a reason. Enjoy it while you can, you will have plenty of time to work in the yard when you are back 100%.

    We are suppose to get in the high 90's the next few days, stay close to that air- conditioner.

    Keep up the eating and resting! Have a good week!

  5. To: the Momma with the Yellow Flip Flops:

    You looked fabulous yesterday!

    From: the Momma with the boy who wouldn't share his tractors

    P.S. Sorry I couldn't are unforgettable beacuse you are a strong beautiful woman with a huge heart. Those types of people tend to stick in your memory!

  6. Hey lady,
    Sorry for the hiccup in the road!! It was found soon and you will be back weight lifting in no time. Your predicament reminds me of when I was younger (a lot younger) and playing the game of Life. It seemed like you were ahead of everyone and moving right along in your little pink (I always had pink) car with your spouse and two children when all of a sudden you landed on the space where you had to go back to the start. When it came out to the end, most of the time I ended up winning, because I was able to gain more health and fortune. Just think of this as going back to start, so that you can end up winning the game. (By the way I still have the board game if you get bored and want to play a frustrating game of Life). You know you are always in our thoughts and prayers.
    The Benysheks

  7. Paulette & Fam -
    We can only imagine the emotional roller coaster you all are on!!
    Thinking of you all and wishing you health and peace!
    Taryn - amazing blog!
    Jeremy & Krista Fort

  8. Dear Paulette,

    I am thinking of you this evening and praying that you are getting a good night's rest. Your recovery has not derailed, dear lady, just pulled over to a side track for a little extra repair. Chin up. Look behind and notice how very far you've come, Paulette; look ahead at the good things before you; look up to God for your strength and encouragement; and look all around at the family and friends who are praying for you and cheering you on. Tomorrow is a new day, and God has gone before you to sweep your pathway clear.

    Good night,

  9. You left in the Spring and returned to summer storms and HEAT.... It was over 100 today up North so I can't even guess what storms you've had down there.... but since you are forced to endure turbulance thoughout this healing voyage... I would imagine you are glad to be sitting in FIRST CLASS at home. Your own bed has to help ease some of it! Jerry's still out ditching Corn... I'm working on Camp. Caleb is coming home tomorrow to help lay pipe... I told him it was hot enough to be miserable -- dad would surely chose this week! I hope you chose this week for some needed R&R Love ya Connie

  10. CHOOOOOOOSE not Chose ---- CHOOOOOOSE not Chose!

  11. Paulette, keep your eyes on the ultimate goal...a healthy body. You have been through a lot and it will take some time to heal completely with a few setbacks along the way but you have already come so far, keep up the good work!
    Love and prayers,


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