Infection stalled

Mom just called and the doc said her incision is looking much better! Her antibiotics weren't renewed, but they continue saturating the incision with saline gauze until it fully closes, and then returns to the surgeon in a month. Hopefully, her external bile drain will also be removed.

She sounded so much better. Her anxiety heightens (as does everyone's) before these appointments, so I'm wishing her a restful and enjoyable day with Patsy by her side.


  1. Hello! That's the kind of "music to our ears" we like to hear!
    Let's fill up with some fond memories....
    Strapping on the helmet...Greg already has his on...
    Rev! Rev! Revving!!!
    Hopping on the back, grabbing hold..
    Howl! Coal wants to go!
    Wind in your face, cars, passersby a is cares! You're not in Kansas anymore!!

    Never one of my favorite modes of transportation...I've seen the glow on your faces after a ride.
    Remember so long ago when Cheryl wanted to ride the Big Hanuka and managed to get it started...couldn't stop it and finally fell over in the neighbor's yard???
    But I know where Greg's fondness came from...when once a young college boy he set out on the Big Bike to travel to the mountains and stopped in Syracuse to get gas and a young boy came over and asked him for his autograph.
    If you're wondering why you had to be watching a weekly tv series from the 1970's...anybody remember "Along Came Bronson"?
    Actor Michael Parks traveled across the US on a motorcycle and become a hero to many a young lad and even old lads.
    My kitty cat was named "Bronson" and he stayed with us for 21 years!
    Yes, Greg didn't disappoint the little guy...he signed it "Bronson"!!

    So ZOOOMMMMMM away! Paulette!
    I want to see that glow again!!!!

  2. Hello Paulette,
    Our prayers are with you each and everyday, good luck with your appointments, and remember that you are wrapped in God's strong and powerful arms of love for you!

    Linda Trimble

  3. That's great news Paulette! Hope you and Patsy have an enjoyable afternoon.

    Here is a nice prayer that came in my email this morning:

    O LORD, God of Abraham, Moses, Ruth, David, and Esther, I praise you for your proven faithfulness through the centuries. I thank you for the great heritage of faith that shows me that I can trust you to remember me with your grace, protect me by your power, and bless me with your goodness. Please give me courage to hang on to my faith no matter the trials and temptations I face. In Jesus' name I pray and place my trust in you. Amen.

    God holds you in the palm of His hand, Paulette.

    Loves & Hugs,

  4. Paulette,
    So glad to hear that your appointment went well. Sounds like you are on the upheal slide.
    I am busy getting ready for Relay this weekend and I have seen a number of luminary bags with your name on them. You should feel very loved as you are by this community. It has been fun making yellow bags for you. Keep resting, eating and enjoying those sunny days and we will look forward to seeing you here in Ulysses before to long. Take care:)
    Terri V

  5. Now this is the kind of stall I can support! Thinking of you and wishing for a full and quick recovery.

  6. Good Morning on a Wednesday, Paulette.

    Hey, great news on your good report from the doctor visit yesterday. Praying that your recovery continues steady and strong. Isaiah 33:6 -- "God is your constant source of stability." Good news. Stay encouraged, Paulette, as you continue to trust God for healing and peace of mind.

    Grace and Peace,

  7. Hi Paulette,
    Happy hump day Paulette,sounds like maybe you are on the right road to recovery.It's been allot of curves for you,Am thinking you need to stay on the straight away from here on out.Hope your sleeping better and the days are getting easyer for you.Keep your chin high and we'll keep praying for better days ahead.Lee stop to see you last night and you were still in GC hope your home soon.I know Patsy has taken good care of you.My heart and prayers for you today and everyday as you continue to get better.Love Peg


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