Even the doggies support cancer recovery

Check out Louie, Bowser and Elvis rockin' their yellow yesterday!


  1. Hi Greg, Paulette, Taryn, Thayne, and all;
    Here's hoping you've made it home safe and sound. I am sure your own bed will feel great after your journey North. I had to write and let you know how AWESOME it is you will have Big Fat Fun in Ulysses. Spread the word - a GREAT PARTY BAND is in town!!! Juli, Shane, Mike, & I frequently go out to dance to these guys when they play at the local club in Mulvane. One of my friends plans her night out with the hubby around their band schedule:) You can just imagine what a WILD and CRAZY night it can be! I am so bummed we can't travel to Ulysses to party with you, as we have my mother-in-laws birthday and a family reunion that weekend. Oh well, it's probably a good thing - no local stories to make:) Wison's shed better be prepared, as the local haunts are just PACKED when this band plays. Thanks to the donor who made this happen - Ulysses will NEVER be the same. It will be a successful benefit for you! The Dowling's

  2. Dear Paulette,

    I am praying for you tonight as we watch the weather channel and we listen to the symphony of the rustling wind as it attacks the trees to make a delicate melody line against the bass clef of the thunder. Quiet measures suddenly burst into racing crescrendos.

    Our lives are like that sometimes, too ... a mixture of sounds and speeds in the too dark darkness when we feel unsure and nervous. Then hours later the sky breaks into a glorious dawn of pinks and yellows to remind us that light and light-heartedness will come in time as long as we don't quit waiting too soon.

    I trust that you will sleep well nestled in your own bed with sweet dreams of love and peace.

    God is taking care of you, Paulette.

    Caring about you,

  3. Welcome home Fort Family!


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