Brief update

Talked to Patsy this morning -- a brief update...

1) Mom's bilirubin was back into a normal range this morning, so let's hope it stays that way.
2) The pain drug switch helped a lot. She's not so hazy and not in tons of pain either. Thank goodness!
3) The water retention in her legs is still a big concern. It's just not leaving her body for some reason, so they're giving her more Lasix and asking her to walk as much as possible. Mom still can't walk on her own, but Patsy said it's a big objective today.
4) Not sure yet of a dismissal date, but it's getting closer. We're asking that she stay in until she can at least walk on her own, if not get up by herself. She'll likely need a nurse for a week or so after dismissal while they remain in Rochester.

That's it for now! Don't forget to wear some yellow tomorrow... she still needs our support!


  1. Hi Paulette & all,
    We just returned from BEAUTIFUL Wolf Creek/Pagosa Springs for some much needed family time, and I am just getting caught up on the blog. We thought of you often, as we passed the yellow dandelion covered meadows. We had no doubt that you would tolerate and respond to the surgery and critical time afterward - after all you are a Fort. I'm sure all of the Fort's in heaven have provided intercession as well. At Taryn's mention of the water retention in your legs, I couldn't help but have an image of Grandma Fort's "tree trunk" legs come to mind (ha). An image of Fort strength, for sure. Your legs; however, will retun to normal size fairly soon. Just keep walking, eating, resting, and making your way back home...Love, The Dowling's

  2. Taryn, I just got caught up with the blog. I am glad things are going well with the recovery for your mom. I wasn't aware that you are now living in Denver. (Some day, when you need a real break, come to Ouray to really appreciate the beauty of Colorado. Bring Paulette when she is ready. You can stay with me.)I will be thinking about your mom and your family. I have a big bunch of yellow columbine growing in my rock garden. Love to all of you, Nancy Kienapfel

  3. Paulette,
    Glad to hear that your bilirubin is back to normal. We hope it stays there. Sounds like the new meds are helping better now. Hopefully the walking will help get your legs to start reducing. I am sure that they are painful. Sounds like Patsy is taking good care of you. Hope you get lots of rest and some walking in. Have a good day. Eats lots!

  4. Good Morning Paulette & Patsy,

    The P&P girls ... that kind of has a fun sound to it ...

    Patient & Pacer
    Prodder & Prodee
    Peas in a Pod
    Pitter & Patter (walking the hallways)
    Popeye & Pollyana (eat yer’ spinach)
    Practice makes Perfect
    Pitch & Play ball
    Play by Play (thanks Taryn)
    Plink & Plunk (lose the water)
    Peaches by the Peck (you know)
    Plaster of Paris (no, no)
    Plenty of Pampering
    Predictable Progress
    Push & Pull
    Pedal Pushers
    Poodle skirts & Pony tails
    Polka dots & Pom-poms
    Petticoats & Pinstripes
    Pretty in Pink
    Parasols & Pinnafores
    Pearls & Poise
    Prim & Proper
    Pranks & Pull-offs
    Popcorn & Pillow fights
    Percale Pillowcases
    Purple People-eater
    Perky & Persistent (Paulette Maire Bieker Fort)
    Pancakes & Plum syrup
    Pastries & Petit fours
    Pizza Pie
    Prize Produce
    Potato Patch
    Primrose Path
    Peonies & Posies
    Proof is in the Pudding
    Plain or Plaid
    Penny Pincher
    Pets & Pedigrees
    Puppy dogs & Puppy love
    Prairie Partner (upcoming anniversary)
    Precious Pixies (TT&T)
    Prickly Pear (*Y*e*L*L*o*W* flowers)
    Pistols & Pilgrims (by John Wayne)
    Poets & Painters
    Picnics & Parades
    Press Pass
    Preferred Program (Ulysses)
    Persevere & Prevail
    Presence & Power
    Promise & Providence
    Psalms & Proverbs
    Prince of Peace
    Praise & Prayer

    Whew, that was fun, but my brain is jiggling.

    So I’m CHALLENGING THE BLOG READERS to come up with MORE P & Ps.

    Let’s have it to cheer on the healing!

    Love you Paulette!


  5. ooops.... a typo...

    Paulette M A R I E (Bieker/Fisher) Fort

    Petite Paulette
    Pretty as a Picture

  6. JB just phoned to have me add his 2 Ps...

    poop & pee

    What can I say, he's a basic kind of guy...

  7. Good Afternoon, Paulette.

    Glad your bilirubin has stablized, now let's get rid of the water retention in your legs. Before long you'll be walking on your own. One thing at a time ... like a "to do" check list, eh? Keep your pen handy to check off the water retention, Paulette.

    Let's see ... a few more P and Ps:

    Pass the Potatoes Please
    pumpkin pie
    pistachio pudding
    Peppermint Patty
    Poke 'n Pour cake
    Pride and Prejudice
    The Pit and the Pendulum
    prepositional phrase
    parchment paper
    parliamentary procedure
    passenger pigeon
    permanent press
    pain pill
    palm pilot
    Pikes Peak
    pen pal
    Peter Principle
    Pistol Packin' Mama
    player piano
    perfect pitch
    picture postcard
    Ping Pong
    parking permit
    plum pudding
    private practice
    powder puff
    power of prayer
    plenty to pick from
    potato peeler
    pet peeve
    Pay at the Pump
    political protest
    plain and/or peanut M & Ms
    Pak 'n Play

    This afternoon's joke:

    In the cafeteria of a parochial school, the children were lined up for lunch. At the beginning of the line was a large pile of apples. A nun had placed a note in front of the apples: "Take only one. God is watching."

    Farther down the cafeteria line was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies. One of the boys wrote a note and placed it in front of the cookies: "Take all you want. God is watching the apples."

    Encouraging Words from II John, verse 3 -- "God the Father and Jesus Christ His Son will bless Paulette with great mercy and much peace, and with truth and love."

    We're praying for you, dear lady.

    Caring about you,

  8. Hi Paulette & Patsy,

    Hope we are entertaining you... and I know from when you were here, Paulette, and we found polka dots... You're in!

    Here's the list I had running on the kitchen cabinet this afternoon:

    Purple Power (right up there with yellow :>)
    Porky Pig
    Pig in a Poke
    Pied Piper
    Pucker Power
    Pot Pie
    Pity Party
    Pucker Power
    Pea Pod
    Potty Pants

    Hope your day has been good in Rochester. We pray for a good night's sleep. God holds you in the palm of His hand.

    Loves & Hugs,

  9. Bedtime in Rochester? Looking forward to hearing that it was a really good day!

    I'm also looking forward to bed. I've turned into a PP zombie. Jerry said I must not have been paying much attention at Bible Study because I came back with more PPs...

    Practical Purposes
    Pittsburg PA
    Pick a Peck of Pickled Peppers (double points?)
    Pie Plate
    Peach Pie
    Pulled Pork !
    Pretty People
    Patti Page
    Peak Performance
    Pretty People
    Putt Putt
    Porta Potty
    Pope Paul
    Parcel Post
    Part & Parcel
    Pontius Pilate
    Powerful Presence
    Pin Prick
    Pilot Program
    Promises, Promises
    Polka Party
    Pleasing Personality
    Peer Pressure
    Presidential Pardon
    People Pleaser
    Pretty Please
    Poached Pears
    Pass & Punt
    Power Play
    Pen & Paper
    Private Party
    Powder Puff
    Pain in the Pattoottee

    That last one is what I'll be thinking about if I can't sleep.

    Nighty Night P&P



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