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I'm getting in some much needed "work time", while mom gets some much needed rest. As you all know, mom doesn't rest long, though. She and Patsy just came trotting by on mom's fourth walk of the day. As they passed by, I happened to receive an email with a special photo that I had to show everyone!

Melodie (previously Melodie Faulkner) and Zak Weis participated in a 100-mile bike tour yesterday in the canyon in Amarillo, Texas. Their team was in honor of mums and Ron Walker. They dedicated one full hour to mom and sponsored a team in her honor, too. Additionally, her story was told at the event. All proceeds were donated to the Harrington Cancer Center in Texas. Mel and Zak rode in 94 degree weather and both nearly completed the entire race. Woo hoo!

More info to come on a special event being organized by Mel and Zak later this year (stay posted!). For now, check out Mel (above) in her special riding shirt from yesterday! Way cool.
Thanks so much, guys! Mums was excited to see the pic.


  1. Dear Paulette,

    Sounds as though we need to install cruise control on your ankles and set it at "reasonable but fun" rather than at "look out or you'll get run over." Your body will tell you when you've hit overdrive, eh? Rest up, dear lady. I'm so proud of how you're pushing through the pain and going after your recuperation, but don't forget to rest.

    Mel's photo is precious, how thoughtful and supportive. Precious? I guess that puts me in the old-timer's club. Perhaps I should have said, "Sweet" or "Way Bad" (which actually means great ... never did figure out what language that was!) or how about Groovy ... no, now I'm going backwards. I'm sticking to precious, so there!

    God is working out your recuperation plan, Paulette. He has you at the right place at the right time for the right outcome for a great recovery from your surgery. Your body is healing and being restored. Know something? Restored furniture ends up being more valuable than it was in its original condition when it was more practical and functional than decorative and unique. And so with your body being restored, Paulette, your health is even that much more valuable, that much more of a treasured blessing.

    Today's Joke: Despite the brevity of his part-time career as a detective, the young podiatrist knew something was afoot.

    Encouraging Words from II Peter 1:2 -- "Grace and peace to you many times over, Paulette, as you deepen in your experience with God and Jesus, our Master."

    We continue to pray for you every day, trusting that your body is gaining strength and good health and that your mind is saturated with the peace of God. He loves you, Paulette ... and so do I.

    Caring about you,

  2. Sleep tight tonight, dear Paulette.

  3. Paulette,
    First off I am sooo glad you are doing good. Just SLOW DOWN there missy. You will be up and back to normal soon enough. Make those nurses wait on you not the other way around. Also keep eating those potatoes. If they aren't any good let me know and I can ship you some good ol Kansas potatoes.

    It was nice to talk to Greg today. He sounded so much better than the last time I had talked to him. He said you are quite the trooper!! After I had talked to him everyone wanted to gather around and find out all of the details. Everyone said to tell you hi and to get well quick!

    I hope you get some much needed rest tonight. Maybe you will get lots tonight and you can start your "Walking" Marathion tomorrow. But remember don't push to hard we don't want you going backwords on us.

    I will check on you tomorrow! Have a great night. :)

  4. Way to go Paulette! So glad to hear you are doing well! Just like Thayne does when he runs his marathons step at a time, put one foot in front of the other. Your are one mile closer to finishing your marathon! You can do it! Get lots of rest. We are sending lots of happy thoughts and prayers your way!

    big hugs,


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