Today was BUSY.

I got up at 6 AM and started working while Mum went in early for immunizations, then we went to the Mayo store and bought more dressing tape, I checked email and then we departed to tour the transplant house, drove back to the hotel and packed our bags, checked my email, hopped back in the car to tour the Hope Lodge for the American Cancer Society, checked my email, jumped back in the car to check-out of our hotel, drove across town to another hotel, checked in and checked my email, worked on some web copy, ate a big 'ole ruby red grapefruit that mom peeled for me, continued working, mom sat in the sunlight and ate a rice krispy treat while I sat on a conference call, hung up the phone and decided it was 3 pm and we we're plenty ready for lunch, headed out to a Mexican restaurant we'd been eyeing, went to Macy's and bought mom a super cute yellow cardigan, and finally settled on desert for dinner and bought lemon tarts and pumpkin bars for our evening nourishment.

Oh, and we changed her dressing about six times. Fun.

In the middle, before Mexican food, the nurse coordinator called to tell us that the top surgeon wishes to meet with us tomorrow to discuss the final decision surrounding her treatment. No pressure or anything. All we can do is hope that the right and most sound decision is being made.

For now, we're hitting the sack and readying for a tizzying Tuesday. Stay posted.


Yellow Girls


  1. Dear Yellow Girls,
    Yes, it sounds like a Manic Monday! But we will really be praying about what comes out of tomorrow.
    I've been wanting to tell you about my yellow columbines - they shot up early and have been blooming like mad, probably ever since you first went to Rochester. I think they're for YOU! Love from us all,
    Dorothy and Uncle B

  2. Dear Paulette,
    Just wanted you to know that we are keeping you in thought and prayer and know that you are in the best place possible. I am so glad that you will get some answers tomorrow. Please know that there are many prayers and good wishes being sent your way. Close your eyes and feel Jesus' loving arms around you. Taryn, thanks for your new address and also for all of your work on the blog. It makes the distance between us seem less because of your communications. We love you all! God Bless! Kent and Sandy

  3. Taryn - please contact me ASAP - this is tommy flummerfelt - 356-1733 - i had a brainstorm - anytime after 11am to midnite cst - please - thank you - tommy

  4. Good morning, the sunflower state is sending yellow petals your direction. The wait is over, the answers are finally coming. Hope you had a very restful evening. Will be patiently waiting for the postings. God Bless!

  5. Good Morning Yellow Girls!

    Remember that song we learned in Grade School... yeh, waaaaay back then....

    Sunflower (Mack David, 1948)

    I was born in Kansas, I was bred in Kansas and when I get married, I'll be wed in Kansas. There's a true blue gal who promised she would wait, she's a sunflower from the sunflower state.

    She's a sunflower, she's my sunflower and I know we'll never part. She's a sunflower, she's my one flower, she's the flower of my heart.

    Skies are fair in Kansas, clouds are rare in Kansas, never saw a place that could compare with Kansas. So I'm goin' home to keep a weddin' date with a sunflower from the sunflower state.

    Troubles end in Kansas, folks unbend in Kansas,
    Ev'ryone you meet will be your friend in Kansas, And they'll all be there to help me, celebrate with my sunflower from the sunflower state.

    Oh, the moon is brighter and the stars are bluer and the gals are sweeter and their hearts are truer, And I'm here to state there's one who's really great, she's a sunflower from the sunflower state.

    Paulette, you're our Sunflower! And our Sunflower is going to get good news today. God's very best blessings are in store for you. This is the day the Lord has made. We rejoice and are glad in it.

    Loves & Hugs,

  6. Hey Sunflower Girls.
    That has a nice ring to it. Well you know were all singing, dancing and of course praying for good news today.Paulette my greatest lesson of faith has been that God is good -all the time. If I could give you one thing today it would be a great be Hug.Am with you today with all my heart and prayers God Bless you pretty lady. love peg

  7. I have NEVER bought YELLOW PETUNIAS before but this year my garden - boast all sorts of sunny choices... Yellow GERBER Daisies --Marigolds --yellow Mums -Black eyed Susan - yellow daylilies PLUSSSSSS +++++++ a yard full of DANDELIONS! Wow - what a sea of yellow for my friend!!!

  8. Hi Paulette, hope you have a terrific Tuesday. Lots of people are sending tons of hugs, prayers and good thoughts from Uly!!

    Glynis & Rocky

  9. Hi Paulette and fam.

    So many people here are thinking of you and sending lots of loving, healing thoughts across the miles to you!

    During my morning quiet time you came to mind as I read this, one of my favorite verses.

    Isaiah 40:31
    "But they who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run but not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint."

    Sounds like you've been having some really exhausting days as they've poked and probed and tried to turn you inside out. May Jesus wrap you in his arms and give you all the strength you need (he's already given you grace and courage!)

    Praying the best for you,



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