Update: 8:45 AM CT

Mom was just hanging in the family waiting room with us in her gown and the IV wheeler when the nurse came to retrieve her for pre-op. They expect pre-op to take around 2 hours, if not longer. The hole where her catheter went in through her liver has reopened and started leaking again last night, so we might have an issue there. Hopefully not, though.

Dad, Thayne, Jennie, Susie and I are all here and sporting our yellow. The nurses know who mom's family is by spying our yellow insanity!

Surgery will take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. Then, she'll be in recovery for another 2 to 3 hours.

More updates to come!


  1. Our prayers are with you all!

  2. Good Morning Yellow Fans,

    The blog will likely surpass all records on hits today as you check in for news about Paulette.

    She and I have had an almost idyllic week. We thrift shopped in short spurts, rented movies, grocery shopped for baking, enjoyed the sunshine and the rain, talked and laughed. We slept on sagging mattresses, mattresses on the floor, and hard mattgresses while the handyman cut slats for the beds. We enjoyed lovely long mornings in our jammies savoring coffee and tea and bagels.

    The rented house is so nice and gives as much normalcy to life as possible under the circumstances. Plenty of space to roam around and spread out. The kitchen got a workout this week :>) We had to harvest some of the rhubarb and try a new coffee cake recipe. YUM. Yesterday we made a reduced calorie carrot cake. WOW. The frosting is awesome. No doubt, some of you can look forward to this treat when Paulette gets back to her own kitchen.
    She also wanted to learn to knit, so we spent a cloudy rainy day with some luscious yarn. She picked it up right away!

    Today, a strong woman is awaiting surgery. Paulette is truly amazing. She faces whatever lies ahead with determination. She feels your support and prayers and love. Thank you all for your devotion, love and support.

    Loves & Hugs,

  3. Add to my list of people to MEET & GREET -- SUSIE -- What a blessing you were to the entire family this week -- sounds like quite an adventure - I have 8 sisters - in Laws ---- but would love to add you to my clan! Thank you so much for being our Love to her in body-form! Hugs to you All this very day! Connie

  4. Hello Fort Family,
    Wearing my yellow shirt today and have yellow tags with Paulettes name on them on my window at workd for everyone to see. Hope all goes well today and just know you are ALL in our toughts and prayers today. Anxious to hear the results and know that all is well. We love you.
    Terri & Joe Bill

  5. Dear Paulette and Greg, We are thinking about you and praying for you. The way we figure it, because you are a Kansan, you are at least 3 time stronger and tougher than anybody else in the country! Another memory - Do you remember when I had mono my junior year and somebody from the Sig Ep house called and asked me to go out with one of their alums? Of course I could'nt go so I suggested my best friend Paulette. When I got back that Sunday, we went up to the formal parlour at the Tri-Sig house to catch-up with each other. You had this dreamy look on your face as you described your date with this guy named Greg Fort. It was truly love at first sight! But then turn-around is fair play when you and Greg hitched me up with David J. Is'nt it something when your life seems to be set a certain way and then all of a sudden it is filled with more joy than you could ever imagine! We're with you! Love, Dave and Peggy

  6. I have on the only yellow I found in my closet. Thinking of you all!



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