Update: 4:30 PM CT

An update: the tumor is OUT. They're putting everything "back together" and the surgeon should be up in an hour to discuss.

We can't get any further info, unfortunately. We hope it's good news.

In the meantime, as we're all very nearly going bonkers in her hospital room and the various hospital lounge areas, we received a couple inspiring photos... one of a yellow Iris straight from her own backyard, the second of her beloved doggy as he appears to eat the Iris.

Trying to stay positive and really loving all of your yellow. The photos have been pouring in!


  1. Well now you can somewhat start to breathe again. Hopefully the surgeon will be in shortly and fill you in on everything. We are still hoping it is good news. Everytime someone walks in I keep them posted. We are all excited she is done and hope the news is wonderful. Maybe tonight you can all relax and get some much needed rest.


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