Tests all the Day Long

Testing started at 7 AM this morning, going all day. Dad is with mom this week at Mayo. I join her this Saturday when he and I will switch out.

Testing all the week long....


  1. Hi Paulette, Greg, & all,
    Taryn, what a wonderful tribute to your "momma" in the earlier post. You have such a gift to articulate feeling and emotion. Today is another beginning, with being poked, prodded, scanned, etc. I bet you never knew there were so many different ways to look at your body. It's wonderful that you have a plan, with family able to be with you during all of this bummer of an experience. I truly believe that having someone (family) with you to help navigate these rough waters is essential. It is a blessing to know you are well taken care of, by God and your family. You continue to be in our prayers...
    Love, The Dowlings

  2. Hi Paulette.
    God Bless you today as you start your process of testing, testing, and more testing.My heart is with you today and everyday from here on out.My dear friend stay strong and know that someone bigger then you and I is paveing the way for you to recover from all this. Greg thank god for you.With all my heart and prayers. Peg

  3. Hi Paulette and Greg,

    One day down. Praying that you will have a restful night and be stronger for day two.

    God Bless You Both!

    Love and Hugs,

  4. Big hugs your way from Kansas!!! Hope you had a restful night and you are ready for the next round of tests. We are thinking of you and praying for quick answers. God bless!!!

  5. Good Morning, Paulette and Greg.

    Monday is behind you, today more tests, tomorrow the transplant board review. Important days, important steps towards your good health, important legs of the marathon (the uphill climb forces us to stretch our endurance and maximize our faith) ... hey, I see the crest, hurray. We're all praying for you and cheering you on ... we're holding those little power packs out to you as you jog by to go along with the water cup you're reaching for ... run hard, my friend. Keep the faith.

    I am praying for you, Paulette. With each poke, each test, each x-ray, each blood draw, each take a deep breath, don't move instruction, every one of them is lining up for a positive decision from the transplant reviewers. The tests are determining what's right, not what's wrong, in your body.

    Today's Joke:
    While discussing the challenges that DMV examiners face, a former motor vehicle bureau director recounted the story about one woman's final driving test.
    On her first attempt at parallel parking, the examiner asked calmly, "Could you get a little closer?"
    Without hesitating, she slid next to him.

    Encouraging Words from Joel 3:16 -- "The Lord will be a refuge of His people."

    Today is a Paulette yellow (bright sunny skies)shirt day.

    Caring about you,

  6. Dear Paulette,
    Yeah! I finally figured out how to post a comment on your blog! David J justs shakes his head at my technology skills. Dave and I are praying that your doctors will be able to make up their minds on the best treatment for you. I started thinking the other day about some of the things we did at Hays a (few?) years ago. Do you remember when we were on the street north of the campus (I think we were involved in a pledge sneak) and that car side-swiped us? When you stopped the car to wait for the police you told me to get rid of the liquor bottle (probabley Wellers and a waste of good bourbon). So, calm, cool and collected like I always was, I promptly opened the door, dropped it beside the car and of course it broke. As soon as I smelled the fumes I realized how stupid I was. Funny, but the policeman never even mentioned the smell. Of course about all you had to do was smile at him and bat your eyes and he was putty in your hands. Love you, Peggy


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