A sunny day

Momma reports to the hospital at 6:30 AM today -- no word on a surgery time. Everything will take place at Rochester Methodist Hospital, which is located next to the main clinic.

We cruised in around 1:30 AM this morning and mom had been sleeping peacefully for a few hours already. She poked her head out and then went right back to sleep.

A good sign, I think.


  1. Good Morning, Paulette and Everyone.

    Today is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

    Paulette, God is with you as your medical team converges for your surgery. He will guide each hand, He will provide every critical decision, He will bring peace to your mind, He will guard your heart by chasing away all fears, He will bring healing to your body, He will put a cool cloth on your forehead, He will hold you close. Yellow? Why, He created the yellow hues of the early morning sunshine, gracing the eastern sky right now, right here, right there, just for you to bring hope and encouragement throughout today.

    Prayers from every directions are surrounding you today. You are much loved, Paulette.

    God loves you ... and so do thousands others!

    Grace and Peace and God's love,

  2. Hello Fort Family, It is a bright Sunny Yellow Day here in Kansas. We are all praying for your family as this day wakes up. God's hands are upon you and the med staff that will get you through the days. GO YELLOW IS THE WORD OF THE DAY!!!! xoxoxo Terri Trotman and Family

  3. Good Morning, Paulette ...

    God is in front of you right now, sweeping away any pebble that is on your path on today's marathon route, wisking away any doubts and concerns, rearranging the wind to be at your back, shading the blinding sun from your eyes as you look ahead to the yellow victory ribbon at the finish line, putting His arm around you whenever your strength starts to waver, whispering sweet everythings into your ear as you put one running foot ahead of the other, and looking at your name etched on the palm of His hand. Thank You, Lord, for promising Your presence and providing Your peace today and always.

    Thinking of you, praying for you, caring,

  4. Hey Fort gang,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all today.

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  6. Thinking of you all today! You should tweet your updates ;).

  7. Hey Paulette and Gang:
    Are your ears burning? They should be, we are all talking about you and praying that everything is going good at the hospital today. Feel God's arms around you today as you sit and wait for the surgery team to finish their magic. The waiting is the hardest part, but remember to try and be patient so the surgeons can do their best. Best of luck! We can't wait for the good news!!

  8. Paulette,
    It is a beautiful morning in Ellis. Sunshine, clear blue skies & NO wind! Guess that means the angels aren't flapping their wings around here becuase they are all in Minnesota.
    The dogs & I have our yellow on. (They aren't sure why they have to wear bandanas when it isn't even bath day) I am sending prayers & hugs to you, Greg, Taryn, Thayne, Thayne's girlfriend & Susie. Keep the faith.


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