Still no news, but...

... we're staying positive (eek).

I cannot imagine the frustration and worry that mums and dad feel. What a long day for them. Of course, I heard none of it in her voice.

The transplant has been somewhat postponed. The case was indeed presented today, but prior to the presentation it was decided that mum's case needs to be re-reviewed for resection surgery vs transplant. We don't know how the presentation went. Hope to find out more tomorrow.

Remember: mom was out-ruled as a resect candidate long ago, so this back-tracking is worrisome. However, we know that the lead surgeon still feels resolutely that mom is better off with a transplant. And, he's having another surgeon review the case on Friday. We hope that review will help lead to a final decision.

Nevertheless, it puts things behind. She will not, as of now, start chemo next week b/c she can't have chemo prior to a resection (should that materialize as the treatment). Further, if they do a resect and go in to find the cancer has spread or cannot remove all of the tumor, the transplant will be completely written off as a back-up plan. We only get one choice here.

Mum had a bit of an education today, learning the financial implications, getting a sense of how long she'd be at Mayo after the transplant, etc. She was comforted, I think, being in the presence of others who are there for the same thing. They toured the transplant unit, too. There are 24 beds in the transplant unit and only four are vacant! Mom was amazed at this.

Tomorrow is a very long day. Mums has LOTS of tests, including renal function testing, pulmonary function testing, stress tests, bone-mineral density testing, and infectious disease testing.

Mums said she met with a wonderfully awesome social worker today that really was pleased at the support system we've all created. That's one goodie for the day! When we're done, all those peeps at Mayo will be wearing yellow to support mom!

As for the star herself, she sounds pretty good despite all the scariness she's been up against this week. You know her.


  1. Well the news doesn't sound too bad, maybe not quite what you were hoping for but it doesn't sound terrible either. Larry asked me at 5 o'clock if I had heard anything and to get on the website and check it out. I will update him in the morning. Please know that we are still thinking of all of you and hope that the tests tomorrow are not too hard on you, Paulette. We are still praying for you and keeping our fingers crossed. GOOD LUCK tomorrow, keep your head held high because you have a lot of people praying for you. Hang in there (you too Greg!)

  2. Greg and Paulette. We will be praying that the day goes well and news of what the next step will be relayed to you soon. As always the support and well wishers are growinb by leaps and bounds. I'll be finding something yellow to wear in support of our sunshine girl!!! I'm not in your shoes so I can't imagaine the stress and questions that you face everyday, but know that we are constantly praying for a resolve to this and that God will give you the strength to face these unknowns. God bless and I'll be checking as I always do sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.

  3. Good Morning Paulette & Greg,

    Once again... we are reminded that God is in control. What frustrates us, may very well be necessary. A second look by the transplant team, new people involved, new ways of tackling the same problem. One day we may say "ah-ha" about yesterday's news.

    Paulette, I completely agree with Greg. You are a trooper. Marching on is what you will do. We are backing you 200% - that's 100% for me and 100% for Jerry - and if you count everyone else, you're probably backed up at least a quarter of a million. That's a bunch of GO *YeLLoW* back up, Dearie.

    Praying that today's march will go smoothly. That you will continue forward with the strength you've gained. That every window has a light, every door some fresh air. We love you.

    God holds you both in the palm of His Loving hand this day.

    Big Hugs,

  4. Good Morning, Paulette.

    I am thinking of you this morning and praying that all of your tests go well today. Stress test? H-e-l-l-o ... the test is what's stressing me out, Sugarplum!! Stressed backwards spells DESSERTS ... I'll take a brownie sundae please, cherry on the top and two dollops of whipped cream, thank you very much! Keep your chin up, Paulette. So much already accomplished, and yet few more Giant Steps (Mother, may I?) ahead.

    Today's Joke:
    Two cannibals are eating a clown. One cannibal turns to the other and asks, "This taste funny to you?"

    I wrote this earlier this morning, and I thought that maybe you would be blessed by it ... The cloud cover and impending front to the north of us reminds me that each new day brings to us its own set of challenges, its own pattern of events, its own sequence of struggles, and its own unique puzzles. We do not know right now what is ahead for us at noon [tuna or chicken salad … such big decisions, sport] or in the late afternoon. But know what, my friend … we don’t need to because we know the One Who knows each minute and every event that will come to us today -- and He is also the One Who holds us steady when the ship is battered [and we’re looking at what we think is a life that is shattered] and holds us close when we feel as though we’re going to collapse in the very next second. He is the all-knowing, the all-caring, the all-wise God of this universe -- and He has invited us to know Him as Savior and King, to know Him as Lord and Master, but also to know Him as Counselor and Friend. So in all of it all today, dear friend of mine, watch for His own orchestration of blessings that are sure to come because He is control of the lives of His children who respect Him, honor Him, love Him, and trust Him. Paulette, God loves you -- and so do I.

    Encouraging Words from Romans 16:13 -- "May the God of hope fill Paulette with all joy and peace as she trusts in Him."

    You are in our thoughts and prayers, dear lady.

    Grace and Peace,

  5. Hi Paulette and Greg,
    Wishing you all my blessings today. Hoping for good news to come. Trust in the Lord Paulette and lean on him hard, let him use all his strenght so you can save yours.With all my heart and prayers rest well tonight and God bless you friend. Peg


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