She ate a popsicle

She also ordered us around quite a bit (tee hee), so we think things are moving in the right direction!

She's still having a few post-surgery issues, but the medical staff is watching her closely. Two surgical residents came in a few minutes ago to check on her water retention (it's definitely a problem right now). They said it's not uncommon to look like the Michelin man post-surgery. She shot back that she would prefer to be called the Pillsbury dough woman! One of the residents challenged her earlier in the day to walk 4 times so she's walking 6 times (they get such a kick out of her). Before leaving they both declared that a fiesty patient is the best patient.

Dad and I are scheduled to leave early Wednesday morning. Patsy will remain here in Rochester while mums continues the recovery. We're staying by her side as much as we can.


  1. Go Paulette!!! We are cheering for you!

  2. Sounds like things are doing well in Rochester. We are glad that you are up and walking even if its a little bit. As someone else said it is about endurance not speed. The ordering around sounds like a positive step also. We hope that your recovery moves fast but remember sometimes recovery is a slow process. Don't get too discourage it isn't moving as fast as you want. God is watching, he won't give you something you can't or shouldn't handle. Good luck and keep up the progress Paulette. Hope everyone is having safe travels back and forth. Have a restful and healing week!

  3. Good Afternoon, Paulette.

    Glad that you're having a good Sunday: eating a popsicle and walking above and beyond what's required. Hmmm, that would be Paulette. I'm praying that they'll get the water retention deal figured out; I'm sure that they will. [However, I did enjoy imagining you as the Pillsbury Dough Woman.] Think back over how much good has happened the last several days ... makes me grin all over. God is good. He is supervising your recovery, Paulette, getting all of the details worked out according to His divine timing plan.

    Rest, walk, rest, rest, walk, eat, talk to Susie on the phone, rest, rest, give the staff the razz-ma-tazz, rest, laugh, eat, rest, walk, wink at Greg, eat, rest, rest, laugh, rest, listen to Taryn's heart, rest, make some cookies (Greg and Taryn can sneak you down to the hospital kitchen), laugh, talk to Thayne on the phone, walk, rest in God's peace. Now, Sport, that's your schedule for tomorrow ... On Tuesday ...... (ha, ha)

    Today's Joke: A little boy, who went to the ballet for the first time with his father, watched the girls dance around on their toes for a while, and then he asked his father, "Why don't they just get taller girls?"

    Encouraging words from II Corinthians 12:9 -- "My grace is sufficient for you, Paulette, for My power is made perfect in weakness."

    God bless you, dear lady.

    Caring about you,

  4. Don't think I've ever been more excited about popsicle digestion in my life.

    Keep up the recovery you're a real life Mary Marvel

  5. It's looking like Christmas on a warm sunny day!
    Dare we dream!
    Places to go and many miles to cover with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus's memerable visits to look forward to.
    Paulett-y while the rollercoaster is at it's acme it's time to click your heels, grab your umbrella and come on home!

  6. Dear Paulette and Greg,
    We're so relieved that things are heading in the right direction for you. We know this is'nt a piece of cake for any of you but just hang tough! Another memory - remember when we had our Sig Ep scavenger hunt? It was your idea to do it (of course) right after the Sig Ep's formal monday night meeting. We planned all afternoon the places where we would leave each clue. The wording of each clue had to be just exactly right and I think every thing had to rhyme. Five minutes before their meeting was over we planted the bottle rockets (with the clue) on their sidewalk in front of the house. We stayed long enough for them to run outside to see what was going on. Let's see, the reason for this scavenger hunt was for them to get their composite back that we had hidden in their closet in their TV room. We hid behind a hay bale I think when they finally found the second clue. I really can't remember the rest of the places we led them but I do remember how smart we thought we were when we led them back to their own house and we were sitting in their TV room waiting for them. Of course the tables were turned when they told us they had already found the composite the day after we had hidden it. However, another sorority had stolen it after that. When we realized we were in trouble we tried to run for it but too late. They bicycle chained us to their upstairs bathroom doors. You, Me, Janie Schiel and somebody else. What a night! Love Peggy and Dave

  7. Great News! Can't wait to get more in the coming days.

    Love, Terri & Joe Bill

  8. Good Morning Paulette, Greg, Taryn & Patsy,

    Hope you slept well, one and all. Did Martha ever say that popsicles are a "good thing?" Gelato must be a really good thing... Wish I was there to bring you a pink grapefruit gelato for brunch :>) followed by protein, of course, as soon as you are allowed real food. Mmmm Mmmm, that gelato could be considered healing, couldn’t it?

    The scale was my first dreaded task today. So much for trying to magically transfer the excess pounds to you. I gained twice what you did last week. So today is the first day of the rest of the diet. Oh, what fond memories of the comfort food we savored last week. This time I can honestly say the gain was for a Good Cause :>) Jerry suggested going to the dentist and having that sweet tooth pulled…which, of course, is out of the question.

    Yesterday was marathon laundry day... a repeat of last Wednesday. Giggle. This morning I'm finally reading email. Geez. I logged on yesterday afternoon and didn't feel a bit like tackling it. To my surprise someone had sent a link to a Mayo Clinic concert. Check it out! Paulette, this will make you want to dance for your next walk today...

    later version, better video...

    and here is Fran & Marlow Cowan's story...

    So I searched You Tube for more Mayo concerts and decided to send a musical treat to begin your week. Enjoy.

    Knock your socks off Alex Walton-Creutz...

    Michael Monroe... Simple Life...

    LOVELY simple life lyrics…

    Shauna Bloomberg, Wonderful Merciful Savior

    What a WHOLE LOTTA’ BLESSINGS GOING ON for you Paulette.

    My morning prayer included praise and thanksgiving for your wonderful support network. Such an amazing lot! May God hold all of you in the palm of His hand.

    Not sure what today’s marathon will be (several to choose from, not including cleaning house, definitely no giggle there) but I’ll be sending good thoughts your way all day for marathon walking, healing, and plans to blow that joint by the end of the week.

    Loves & Mega Hugs,


  9. Peggy! Taryn here. We've been reading all the posts to mums as she lies in the hospital bed. She's getting a kick out of 'em. She says if you don't cool your jets on the stories she's gonna post a story about "a curly haired guy". Ha ha. :)

  10. Happy Monday Paulette and Family.
    If looking like the pillsbury dough women is what it takes to look and feel good again go for it. Hope the water retention goes away soon, at least you have an excuse for the retentin most of us women just pretend we do.
    Keep resting,walking and getting stronger we love you.Greg, Taryn,Thayne and family may you all have greater days too and my the journey just get easyer for you all. Paulette I pray you have a good day and can have lots of popsicles and any favorite you like.With my heart and prayers. Peg


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