Saturday night

Mums is feeling and looking better all the time. We're still not sure if everything is working correctly, though. We never got more news on if the bilirubin count was lowering, etc. They did an ultrasound to check blood flow through her newly constructed vein, and assume it's looking fine because they didn't go back in for more surgery. She's still very, very tired and sleeping a lot.

We celebrated Thayne's 30th birthday at a local haunt near the hospital. Patsy made it here safely and we're preparing to take Thayne, Jennie, and Matt back to Minneapolis.

Hoping for another good day...


  1. Sounds like things are going well. SO happy for you all. Seraphina and I wish for you a peaceful day filled with lots of good news signs of recovery. HUGS TO YOU! --Jill T

  2. starting to look like Thayne could not have gotten a better birthday

  3. We're all saying prayers of thankfulness today; you're a miracle,Paulette, in all ways. hoping that you and your family have a great week, and that it's a week that brings you closer to coming home!!! Happy Birthday to Thayne and Will....would one of you please get married already, so that the other one will too???!!!!!! love you all, Forts.....from the Pak O'Burtons

  4. Hi, Paulette.

    Today will be a day of rest and recuperation. Maybe a few fewer pokes and probes and all that good stuff. Some good uninterrupted rest needs to go on your chart ... right after you've walked however many steps you need to up and down the hallway. Now the marathon is not about speed but about endurance: steps of strength! You can do it ... Rochester Methodist will help!

    We're praying that each day your body will gain strength and that you will be encouraged by God's love for you. He is taking care of you, Paulette.

    Blessings on Sunday,

  5. Hi, Paulette!
    It's me, Cindy White, from years ago at Sigma Sigma Sigma! We live in Ellsworth now, same town as Peggy(Hand)Janousek. My hubby was at the post office the other day, and Peggy gave him your daughter's blog site. Just want you to know you are in my prayers. I hope you gain strength daily. Hugs, Cindy McAtee

  6. Hi everyone,
    Praise the lord that everything seems to be going well. We saw brother Brad at Big R this afternoon. He filled us in, said he talked to Greg. Paulette, I hear I need to give you my speech about the pain medicine. You heal a lot faster when you can rest without any tinges of pain. Take your nurse's advice and be pain free. It's thundering here right at the moment, doesn't look too promising for rain, but at least it sounds like rain. Take care. See you soon.

    Love to you all,
    The Benysheks


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