Saturday: 11:30 AM CT

Mom made it through last night pretty OK. They've still been very concerned with her blood pressure, clotting and bleeding out. Her bilirubin count is still very high, and they're concerned about having to go back in. Hopefully, it will remedy itself, but we hope to get news this afternoon.

Otherwise, it will continue to be a concern for several days as all of the reconnected areas of her biliary tree and liver get to know each other. The portal vein reconstruction, in particular, was risky because they removed a generous portion where it was encased, plus more, to be extra safe. Then, they married whatever was left.

Dad met with mom and her surgeon this morning at 7 AM -- the surgeon reiterated again how he'd gone well beyond the regular tumor and scar tissue margins, which means her recovery time will be longer. I gave slightly incorrect info yesterday in that they actually removed 17 lymph nodes (versus 16) and indeed removed the entire right side of her liver as previously planned.

True to form, mom didn't even use a third of her pain meds during the night -- the staff couldn't believe it. She's very in-and-out of coherency, but understands that things went as well as could be. She's currently undergoing an ultrasound and she walked a few feet with help earlier today. She must walk at least four times today.

We do not know how long she'll be in the hospital, but at least one week. Susie is headed back to Denver today and Patsy is flying in this afternoon -- she's staying for at least two weeks.

I've had dozens of inquiries about where to send cards, etc, so here's the story:

Mom's address is:
Paulette Fort
Rochester Methodist Hospital
201 West Center Street, Room 5211B
Rochester, MN 55902

Note: mom cannot receive flowers that include lillies and they do not allow latex on the floor, so no balloons. The nurses will pitch these things into the trash and we don't want that!


  1. So many blessings to be greatful for, hopefully many more to come. Hope you are all hanging in as tough as Paulette. 'Hey' & a side polk to the birthday boy! Love, Chuck & Rocket

  2. Paulette,
    Great news! I will keep the Hail Marys coming your way. Stay tough and look forward to more good news. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.
    Take care,
    Bill #2

  3. Dear Paulette and Greg and Everyone in Rochester.

    I am so very thankful that the surgery went well and the recovery (even with some anxious events) is going well. God is in control, dear lady. He is taking care of you through many, many caring, loving hands: the primary medical team of surgeons and experts, the caring nurses and hospital staff at Methodist Hospital, and especially your family and friends.

    We just returned from a very quick trip to Denver to watch the Lakers annihilate the Nuggets. I had on my yellow everything (you probably don't want ALL of the details. tee, hee) on Friday ... and my grandson said, "Oh, Grandma, you even wore Nuggets colors." [I didn't even know the Nuggets colors are blue and yellow!] As far as I was concerned, on Friday, May 29, the important playoff game was at the Rochester Methodist Hospital, not at the Pepsi Center. Slam-dunk, three pointers, the 24 out of 24 Lakers' free throw marvel, even the half court basket Rockie (the Nugget mascot) made over his head with his back to the basket could not hold a candle to the good news about your surgery, Paulette. First marathon race complete ... now on to the recovery half-marathon.

    Paulette, God heard the hundereds of prayers and answered YES ... and we will continue to pray thanking Him for the successful surgery and the good report and asking Him to be with you throughout your recovery.

    God loves you, Paulette. And so do lots and lots of people.

    Caring about you, loving you,


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