A regular day

No news today... Maybe tomorrow.

Stay posted for an announcement about Go Yellow Fridays, where we can all show our support for her! The reason why Fridays are special is because they are typically the days when mom is most exhausted and the days when we walk away to a short break for ourselves dissolving and processing tons of information. Fridays are when we can absorb some of this insanity for her and take the world off of her shoulders. At the very least, we can give her a lift, and physically take on some of that yellow madness invading her body.

Join me and do it up in the craziest styles you can! Send me photos or videos and I'll gladly post them. This stuff gives her strength. What a fun way to help!

Take care for the night.


  1. Go Yellow Fridays....sounds like an excuse to go shopping!

    Paulette, I thought of you today...I am in Manhattan for a conference and this afternoon we toured the Vanier Sports Complex. It was pretty quiet because most of the football players are headed home for some downtime. It is a fabulous complex and we did run into Bill Snyder as we took the tour. It makes me anxious for the season to start again!

    Know that we all love and support you from afar.

  2. Paulette and Greg,
    Hope today wasn't too brutal as far as testing went. This morning was gorgeous but as usual we got our afternoon wind. Still blowing late this evening but makes for a nice cool breeze coming through the windows.

    Taryn is doing a great job keeping us updated. I hope that Greg and Taryn both have safe trips as the exchange places this weekend.

    Get lots of rest this weekend and keep putting on those pounds. Where's the cookie monster when you need him?? Hopefully they are through running you through tests and you can start storing some of that energy! You are still in our thoughts and prayers. I have began printing off Taryn's updates so everyone can read them at work and keep up with your progress. God's speed be with you and your family! Hang in there it's your turn!


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