A hot breakfast Sunday morning

I rolled into Minneapolis early yesterday and was so pleased to find mum and dad waiting at the luggage carousel. Mom looks tremendously better. She's gained weight and is moving and walking much easier. We caught up on news between the three of us over breakfast. I delivered a few special gifts from home, and mom and dad slowly pilfered through the silent auction receipts grinning and commenting back and forth in awe. Then, we sent daddy off on his merry way, back to his dog.

Mum and I drove back to Rochester, where we stopped off for a couple hours to find her new pants that fit her (everything else is way too big). It wore us both out, but not before we stopped off at mum's favorite food joint, Newts. I'm sure we'll know the wait staff by name sooner than later.

We munched on cookies last night and crashed early. Today, we only have a few errands to run (also gotta color her hair, he he). Tomorrow, we'll tour two potential long-term housing options and mom has a couple of tests. We're also moving to a new hotel, so please send cards or anything else to:

Paulette Fort
1625 South Broadway
Rochester MN, 55904


  1. Good Monday morning!!!! Hope today is the day all answers come your way!!! Sure hope the wait is over soon so you can start the next step to the recovery process. Taryn, give her a big hug for us. Sure glad to hear the appetite has returned. God bless and will as always keep checking the postings for all the updates. Thank you so much Taryn for taking the time to keep this journal on the progress. May God wrap his arms ever so gently around all of you and keep you strong.

  2. Hi Paulette.
    Hope today and this week is a good one for you.May this recovery process begain.Glad Taryn is there and Greg could go home to his dog praying for the day you can all be home again.Paulette have a restful week and glad for the weight gain keep munching on cookies and everything else you want. My heart and pray to you friend keep your faith. Love Peg

  3. So glad you are there with your mama and that she is stronger!

  4. Hi Paulette and Taryn,
    Glad everyone made the switch safely. I haven't seen Greg yet this morning, but have been told he is back. Hard at work I am sure.

    Hope you find a good place to live this week. Keep eating and gaining that weight. We are praying for some good news this week and hope for the best. I hope they don't prode and poke too much. Have a good week.

  5. Good Morning Paulette & Taryn,

    Mondays. The day we take a look at the week ahead, make a plan and go forward. After lunch, we take another look and follow another plan :>) Or so it seems sometimes.

    We don't like delays, postponements, etc. Though, we learn patience, when we learn we are not in control. I pray that you will hear a decision from the transplant board today.

    Wishing you a beautiful week in Rochester MN.

    Loves & Hugs,

  6. Good Morning, my Friend.

    Today is a good day, a day of opportunity to see God at work doing what He does best: making His Word effective and powerful in the hearts and lives of all those who trust His wisdom and His grace. Paulette, He knows your needs, He knows your heart, He knows all of the details of this week (Greg and Taryn executing the big switch-a-roo; more tests; looking into “Home, Sweet Home“ options), and He knows all about your restoration and healing. What an awesome God! My heart surges with hope when I think of our names etched on the palms of His hand. Wow! There is nothing He can't do ... there is nothing He won't do when it comes to taking care of our needs and the needs of those we love. He's in control, and that is very reassuring to us, isn't it?

    Today's Joke: Did you hear about the two Monocles that got together and made a Spectacle of themselves?

    Encouraging Words from Psalm 139:17-18 -- "How precious it is, Lord, to realize that You are thinking about Paulette constantly! She can't even count how many times a day Your thoughts turn towards her. And when she wakens in the morning, You are still thinking of her!"

    Hmmm, I just heard today's forecast: in the 90's. I guess that would give us a "right angle" kind of day, huh?

    Have a great Monday, Paulette. Taryn, hi and thank you for keeping all of us informed.

    Thinking of you and caring so very much,

  7. It's a lovely, sunshiney day here....the wind isn't blowing yet...and I hope it is a lovely day there with time to enjoy the sunshine.

    Been thinking about some colloquialisms that I'm not sure I understand.
    The proof is in the pudding.
    The devil is in the details.
    Hurry up and wait.
    Life is a cabaret...
    Does that mean dancing the can-can through the vagaries of life?
    Sometimes it seems more like the dueling banjos of "Deliverance".

    My computer danced the can-can last week and kicked itself off and while desperately trying to get back on to visit the blog the bathroom knob came off in my hand and I threw my hands up in the air and said "I give up...I give up...I did it!
    Stop the waterboarding!
    I caused the economic downfall!
    I caused global warming!
    I just want a fair, impartial trial!"

    On an upbeat note I got to see Daddy-O and the big dog...and while both occasionally need their space neither one likes to be alone...Cole told me so!

    By the way, many moons ago when I was young and frivolous I did dance the can-can and I am hoping there is some mean dancing going on now at Mayo's!!!

  8. Paulette,
    Here are some expressions of hope, written by Barbara Johnson I found in my daily calendar, "Fresh Elastic for Stretched-Out Moms"
    "Who can describe hope to anyone? Hope is that light at the end of the tunnel, when all around you is black." "Hope doesn't always have to be sunny. Sometimes hope is just plain honesty. Sometimes when we are so down that we don't even think there is an up, honest expression of our feeling is as close to hope as we can get." "We know that when we get to the end of the rope, we tie a knot and hang on...but do you know what that knot at the end of the rope is called? It is hope. That's the possession of each Christian, because we have a solid basis for hope." "Hope springs eternal, and is held by the bedrock of God's love."
    I have been joining the forces as I pray for you and your family, Paulette. Rest peacefully in God's arms because He is in control and He won't let us down.
    Be Hopeful,
    Mary Parks

  9. I really do some of my best PRAYING... while I'm MOWING..... The constant hummmmm of the moter and the power I feel taking a weed infested area and blowing thru it leaving a cleaner - neater path behind me --- gives me a feeling that even the UGLIEST places can be conquered with the right POWER>>>> You must know that the >>>HOLY POWERS<<< that be--- are with you as you push forward thur your infested - discourageing world. Your entire family has been placed into a PLOT of Undesirable -Rude - Aggressive - Cells that with fall by the wayside - when the MASTER GARDENER goes to battle for you! You are being INOCULATED with PRAYER! It will be exciting to stand back and reap the Harvest! Loving you for 39 years!!!!!!Crazy Connie


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