American Idol has become a focus

We're numbing our brains.

Today was... okay. Eh.

We met with the tippity-top of the tippy-top surgeon pie for resection surgery. In a nutshell, he advised that mom is still a candidate for a resection, which means she is discounted as a transplant candidate. This, however, is NOT for sure yet. Nothing has been decided. We're looking at another week.

Yes, this maddening treatment process is an either or either. You get neither as a backup choice if one pans out negatively.

To be fair, the initial surgeon that discounted mom as a resect candidate was likely incorrect. Superiors -- on both the resection and transplant teams -- have deduced that a resection is possible. That doesn't mean it's the better option.

Coming out of a resect cancer-free certainly does not result in an an enviable margin. However, a transplant is no senior prom (gosh, that's not a serious comparison; senior prom can be a total bomb!) A resect means they have to regrow part of her liver if at less than 25% of liver is still able to exist after the resect. But, in the end, her liver will have to regrow or re-adapt anyway.

Should we move forward with a resection, it could still be roadblocked if perhaps any cancer has spread into the stomach lining or lymph nodes. However, today's surgeon was impressive in that he clearly knew mom's scan, her test results. He would be doing the resection surgery and showed exactly how he would do it, including how he would replace arteries coming in-and-out of the liver.

Despite all of this seriously frightening madness and the fact that our heads and spaces have been in transplant land, this isn't terrible news. All this means is that mom's case has risen to the top of the surgeon hierarchy and the very, very best are reviewing and weighing in on her treatment option. As I'm sure all of you can imagine, mom has managed to capture a serious, heartfelt want to fix her. Walking through the GI hallways this very evening, she received a nod walking down the hallway from a top surgeon who I didn't even know. He graciously informed us that we'll be meeting with he and the very, very, very top person at the top of the GI madness ice cream sundae no later than tomorrow.

We stay positive and hopeful. We must.

PS: mom is rooting for both of the last two dudes on American Idol -- she likes them both. Sometimes she likes the showman, sometimes she likes the underdog. She thinks, perhaps, that the underdog should win.


  1. Hello Neighbor,
    So good to read that you have everybodies attention all the way to the top. Exactly how it should be. It's nice to have activity across the street, where keeping an eye on Greg and Cole for you and so far so good - they are staying out of trouble.
    Miss you my friend, praying and staying positive.
    Love, Mary kay

  2. Dear Paulette,

    Just about sleepy town time here. I am praying for you tonight as all of the scrutiny of the experts at Mayo Clinic is going into high gear to provide you with the best of the best. These surgeons and specialists have you on their mind, Paulette [talk about cooler chatter: you are the woman of the hour as they put their wisdom and knowledge together for a collective best of the west and forget the rest, don't you think]; and it surely seems as though they're cautiously deciding what is your best option for a healthy outcome. Each day is one day closer to a decision, every day adds clarity for the medical team to arrive at the best solution to the puzzle. Right answer at the right time for your good health.

    Today's Joke: What do you use to count the cattle on a ranch? A cow-culator.

    Encouraging Words from Romans 16:25 -- "Paulette, I commit you to God, Who is able to make you strong and steady in the Lord."

    I pray that you have a good night's rest, Paulette; it's been a busy week already [I had to rest just reading what you and Taryn all accomplished yesterday and today], and good food and good rest are working together to prepare you for all of what is on your Wednesday schedule.

    God loves you, Paulette ... and so do I.

    Grace and Peace, Love and Prayers,

  3. Good Morning, Paulette.

    The sun is making its glorious and yet subtle debut as shades of pink and soft yellow begin to sweep the eastern skies. Yes, Lord, today is Your gift to us wrapped in expectation and hope for a decision on what will work best for good health and peace that surpasses human understanding.

    I am thinking of you and praying for you. God is good; He is watching over you as you continue to gain strength for your body to be prepared for the best decision on treatment to bring healing to every nook and cranny (boy, that expression dates me, eh?) of your body. I am so thankful that He tells us in His Word to not "take care" about tomorrow ... that He has taken care of and will take care of all that concerns you and your loved ones. There's an insurance slogan that says "you're in good hands." Well, we have the inside track on that slogan, because we definitely know that we are in good hands ... I mean specifically, we are in God's hands, and there's no place safer or more peaceful than that. We can trust Him to take care of all the details of our lives, Paulette. He loves you, my friend ... and I love you, too.

    Today's Joke: What does a singer use to suppress a cough? Concert Halls.

    Encouragement from Psalm 138:8 -- "The Lord will work out His plans for Paulette's life -- for Your lovingkindness, Lord, continues forever. Don't abandon her -- for You made her."

    Paulette, have a good Wednesday. I hope you and Taryn can have some relaxing time -- an hour or two to put up your feet, eat bon bons, and giggle.

    With prayers and love,

  4. Good Morning Paulette.
    As the saying goes "another day, another dollar" OUR SAYING TO MAYO "Transplant or resection surg JUST GETTER DONE.Know I sound like the Hick from southwest Kansas.God plan is sometimes not as fast as we need it to be but patients are a virtue thank god you have a bunch.Thinking you and Taryn may need a trip to the spa. Take good care of yourself,enjoy your days with Taryn and my heart and prays for you both. Peg

  5. Hello Paulette,
    So happy to see that they are moving you to the top of the top! I know the years you were at the high school you were certainly at the top of everyone's list with your yummy cookies. Our prayers are with you and your team! And remember you are No. 1 on God's team.
    Linda Trimbe

  6. Good afternoon Paulette and Taryn,
    Hopefully the wind isn't blowing there like it has been here for the last few days. Paulette, I'm glad your case is on the top of everyone's list. Try to remind yourself that everything moves along at its own pace for a reason that we will probably never know. We have moved into the frantic pace here at school. Only 1/2 day left for the kiddos. Everyone is ready for it to end. Thank goodness the yellow tube is out!! No more yucky bandages! I just wanted to remind you guys that everyone is constantly in our prayers and thoughts. Have a relaxing evening!!



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