Don't forget: Silent Auction ends tomorrow!

Friday is the final day of the Silent Auction being held in Ulysses... better rush in there tonight or early tomorrow morning and increase your bids because ya never know who has been in there jumping up a notch ahead of you!

Thanks to everyone who has participated and is contributing. Way cool!


  1. Good Morning, Paulette.

    Hey, it's Friday, a happenin' day. Tough day because you'll be saying bye for now to Cole and a see you later to your neighbors, friends, family, firemen, Indian chief (oops, got carried away).

    Speaking of getting carried away, in the middle of the night the wind came up strong and fierce. I live with Mr.-Open-Every-Window-To-Cool-Down-The-House-So-We-Can-Wear-Jackets-All-Day-Long-The-Next-Day-When-It's-82-Degrees-Outdoors ...[bless his heart -- after all, we've saved $1.02 in electricity so far but spent $12.43 on Cold-Plus and $6.52 on Therma Care Packs -- like I said, bless his heart -- now if you tell on me, Paulette, I'll Steve that you made it all up!!] ... at any rate, we scrambled through the house to shut out the hurricane winds as one screen window shot across my study and the kids' graduation pictures on the walls started to rattle. Within a half hour, though, Steve was back opening up the windows. Life is like that sometimes, eh? A cool refreshing breeze can suddenly scream out of control -- and the very thing we welcomed can quickly become the thing we're bracing ourselves against with all our might. Sometimes sunny skies cloud over, and we wish for the sunshine to return -- then sometimes the sun scorches the land, and we're wishing for rain. We are reminded just how little control we have. We don't know what to expect exactly ... or what we do know seems more than we want to know.

    Paulette, we may not know what this day can bring in terms of blessings and challenges, we may not know what lies ahead in the weeks to come because we can see only so far. But we know Someone Who does know every detail of every step ahead. He knows and He cares. He loves you with an everlasting love, Paulette; He holds you close with His strength.

    Today's Joke: What do you call a person who is awarded a cattle farm? A dairy heir.

    Encouraging Words from Isaiah 42:16: "I will turn the darkness into light before Paulette and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake her."

    As you pack up for your road trip to Rochester, Paulette, you may need a second suitcase for the thoughts, love, and prayers that we all are sending with you and Greg.

    In God's love,

  2. Hi Paulette.
    Sending love your way. Haven't wrote in a couple of day and I was missing my friend. Safe travel for you and Greg. I know the weeks ahead will be challenging and some long but just remember we are all cheek to cheek with you and love you very much. You are in the best of the best of hands with God and Mayo. With all my heart I pray for you each day. Peg

  3. Aimee Gugelmeyer & GangMay 8, 2009 at 6:02 PM

    Paulette and Greg,
    We are all wishing you safe travels and the best of luck. We hope that you find a good, relaxing, and peaceful place in Rochester to live in. Please know that we are all thinking and praying for you and that good news that is headed your way. I have all the confidence that you are in good hands at Mayo. I hope that they tell you that you will be able to get rid of that drain and quickly. I know that that simple gesture would bring you (& Greg) much happiness. Please know that everyone here at work is pulling for you. Best of luck and God's speed be with you and your family.


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