Afternoon in the garden

OK, so it was more like an hour or so, but mom is getting around better each day, but still needing tons of rest during the day. I caught her out in her garden yesterday (by way of cell phone). Her case is being reviewed today! In the meantime, we're scavenging for an apartment in Rochester and trying to enjoy a low-key week.

Hoping for approval by the transplant board...


  1. Good Morning Paulette,

    Hope the birdies at Home Tweet Home are singing to you every day. They are real chatterboxes here this morning. A big fat robin has been gathering dry grass for a nest in the neighbor’s pine tree that overhangs our fence. Just now he had such a mouthful. Compare it to a little man with a large hay bale :>)

    Any time in the garden soaking up the sunshine is a good one, especially in spring when the green suddenly overtakes the dull of winter. Enjoy. Relax. Meditate. Let the week be good to you. Aromatherapy. IceCream. Chocolate. Protein. Rest. No doubt in my mind that there will be an abundance of food coming in the back door for you and Greg. I don’t want to hear that you’ve been filling the freezer or cleaning, Dearie. Momma Esther would be beside herself… you know… so just pretend she’s giving your orders this week… perhaps cleaning a few pieces of silverplate is allowed :>)

    While thrifting last Saturday, Sylvia and I found like new glass pastry cloches at SA for $2.10. What a score. I kept the large one and it is *yours* if you want it. This weekend is the Ballpark Flea Market. Plan on it when we take that thrifting trip all the way to Sedalia.

    Miss you. Sending *H*U*G*S* and good vibes over the airwaves to KS. Also sending prayers to our good Lord who holds you safely and gently in the palm of His hand.

    Love you!

  2. Good day to you this Wednesday afternoon!! Today as everyday you are in our thoughts and prayers. Soak up all those vitamins the sun is sending down and store them for the recovery. Be watching for Mr Postman, I just mailed another envelope with some goodies. Hopefully it won't be snail mail and get there before you take to the road this weekend. Get lots of rest and please travel safely. As Susie said do not over extend yourself. I know Esther and Irene (the Merrymaids) are watching over you right now and send their love also. Sending prayers for a safe journey and lots of good care when you are at Mayo.

  3. Good Evening, Paulette.

    The cool air of the evening is wafting through our open windows. After a sunshiny warm day, the night shadows are a welcome finishing touch to another day of growing stronger, working on those lbs., looking forward to a good night's rest, and falling asleep to the chatter of the neighborhood dogs as they beg their masters for just one more treat or another snuggle or two before it's lights out. Nature is winding down, and I think I hear my pillow whispering my name. Well, just one suduko won't hurt, will it? Or another chapter in the novel I checked out from the library? How about a chocolate chip cookie with milk? Two cookies? Oh, who's looking ... that third cookie will taste better than the other two put together!

    Paulette, you are perhaps already in bed. I pray that you feel God's strong arms around you and experience the peace only He can give us when we face challenges. Thank You, Lord, for holding Paulette close to You; she trusts in Your love and wisdom in the days ahead.

    Bumper Sticker Wisdom: If God wanted me to touch my toes, He would have put them on my knees.

    Encouraging Words: Surely God is your help, Paulette; the Lord is the One who sustains you. (Psalm 54:4)

    Good Night and God's Blessings,

  4. Paulette - It was so good to see you today. Thanks for taking time to have a few visitors. Know that you and your family will be in my daily prayers. You have such a positive outlook on things and that is wonderful because I believe you will be healed! God Bless you! Kim

  5. Hi Paulette and Taryn and Everyone,

    Paulette, our daughters (Kelly and Taryn) are headed out into the Denver skyline tonight for a beer. Could this be a good thing? I hope they don't ride their bikes!

    Taryn, I wanted to tell you the Mayo's social worker will have ideas on rentals nearby. Good people abound and sometimes people who own rentals near hospitals offer them at a lower price just for the out-of-town folks who need them for a while.

    Have wonderful walks in the garden, Paulette! You are held in such prayerful love and regard across this land....Love, Lisa


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