You must be missing her, too

Mums isn't terrible keen on having her photo taken. 

Unfortunately, the children she's birthed really enjoy their cameras and gaining all substantial evidence of fun in life via real-time video and photos. 

So... please start your Thursday off with a few positive thought of energy and wellness (and shoot them up or over to Rochester, MN) and partake in a little Paulette action she is so famous for. 


  1. Thanks for posting - ANYTHING!!!!!!! All of us are checking back and forth during the day... as if that would make us closer to you!!! You never quite know what will trigger the emotions. But seeing this video opened the flood-gates. Years ago I would tell you what pretty hands you had -- the way your fingers gracefully bend and no matter how "plump" you felt - you always had "Fine Featured Phalanges" - When I saw you Clapping...I flashed to a time when you would - CLAP & CHEER for me... Suddenly I'm looking at your hands and sobbing... not those dab you eyes with a tissue - but the snot dripping down your lip & off your chin and you can't make a sound kind of hurt! That's the way we are cheering for you now!!! DEEPLY and DEDICATED to your SUCCESS! Love the Coxes

  2. Paulette you have always been a great cheerleader...we are now your cheerleaders! Stay and the fam are in my thoughts and prayers!

    a big tight hug,


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