Tuesday tibbles

Is today Tuesday? I don't even remember. 

I'm hoping that mums had a night of sleep and free of more problems with the bile drain. What a pain that thing is. 

Dad left Rochester around 2 pm yesterday and made it through to Liberty, MO. He'll finish his travels home today. 

I barely made it out of the hotel in time for my shuttle to Minneapolis and landed back in Denver around 8 pm last night. Likewise, Thayne made it back to Mayo from Denver around midnight. Mom was alone for several hours. She must eat. At the tip of Susie, I bought some Ensure and hope that'll help.  

Keep fingers crossed that tomorrow's ERCP is successful. I don't think anyone knows how reliant this period of time will be on having that stent work internally. It's the only way she will keep nutrition flowing through her as it should. It's the only way her bilirubin count will go down. It's the only way her eyes will be less yellow. 

Off to work. I'm asking Thayne to guest-blog the next few days. 


  1. Paulette and family:

    Just heard that you've been under the weather and fighting like heck to get back on your feet. I will be checking in on this blog and continue to keep each of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Caryn Gugelmeyer and the gangApril 14, 2009 at 10:37 AM

    The sun is shining in Kansas and the weather has been calm enough for the planes to fly this morning. Still chilly but really thankful for the rain. In two days things are greener and looking more like spring every moment. Do your best to eat, drink and be merry. We will all be praying for a successful ERCP. Our thoughts and prayers are with you every minute.

  3. Thayne and Taryn:

    Just wanted you and your mom to know that I am praying for her and I hope everything goes as planned with her ERCP.

    Kristina Church-Graber

  4. Thayne.... don't worry about being "Witty & Wise" (like you know who) just let all of us know how you are doing... good or bad.. so that we at home can help with the burden! I just feel better leaning on my boys when they are here... touch is important when there are no words!!! Love her and hold her quietly! Remembering all the times she was spunk-ey -- as she works thru this Gunk-ey! love the Coxes

  5. Taryn and Thayne - I learned about your mom's battle this morning. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with all of you as you fight this thing. I appreciate your updates and will be keeping tabs as progress is made. Nothing but positive thoughts are coming from across the alley.

    Kelly and Pam

  6. Paulette, Taryn, Thayne & Greg
    We have been keeping you in our prayers as we know this battle is very hard. We are glad that Taryn has done this blog so that we can all keep up on your progress. You are a strong person and know you will fight hard to win this battle. Keep eating and getting stronger as you are truely missed. Hope all went well with the ERCP today.
    JoeBill & Terri Vardeman

  7. Hi guys,
    You can make a milk shake with the Ensure. Use the Ensure like you would milk, ice cream and flavoring. It makes it a lot more nutritious and fattening and easier to swallow. Paulette and Thayne find out if you can have a small glass of wine about 30 minutes before you eat. It stimulates the appetite. You need to check with the docs first. Thayne, can skip the wine and go for the other bottle. We are all praying for you. Rob and I think we met Greg on the highway as he was headed into Ulysses. We were on our way to Satanta for the afternoon. I hope he gets some good rest. Take care!

  8. Hey Fort family, I just found out about this blog...thanks for the updates.

    Paulette I think we need a good old UHS office staff birthday celebration more comonly known as a "grazing day" to help you out...I think I usually put on a few pounds each time!

    I too could contribute to a fat transplant if they could only figure out how to get it done. Please know you are in my prayers daily and I know that God will see you through this.


  9. Hi Paulette and Thayne, (Greg and Taryn, too)

    Hope you are sound asleep by this time and will go into surgery well-rested and roaring! Something like "get'r'done, doc."

    It sounds like many are sending unwanted pounds your way. Tonight I'm sending "the munchies" to you! And a craving for chicken and noodles...

    We love you and continue to pray for strength and healing. Susie & Jerry

  10. Good Wednesday morning to you!!! We are keeping the prayers flowing for a successful surgery and for lots of better days ahead. If you like rootbeer floats that is another great source of calories for sure. May God bless the hands of the surgeon today. We'll keep checking for the updates and all the news. God speed the recovery.

  11. you and your family are in my thoughts!!! GODSPEED!!!!!!!!

  12. I'm praying that the procedure goes well today. I have had pancreatitis, so I know how painful it can be. I'm so sorry that you and your family are having to go through all of this. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep holding on.
    Love and Prayers,
    Mary Parks

  13. Paulette - Keep your chin up and keep up the fight. I am praying for your complete healing and speedy recovery. My prayers are with you through your procedure today. You have remarkable children to write this beautiful blog to keep everyone informed of your progress. Taryn and Thane, although I have never met you, I must say, how incredible you both are and such wonderful caregivers to your "Momma". She is a precious gal and she is so blessed to have both of you. I am praying for Greg's safe journey home. Stay strong and God Bless.


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