Take Back the Fort: Silent Auction

Auction Items as of 4/22
Outdoor Adobe Painting
Earl Seger’s Metal Tiger Sign
Earl Seger’s Metal Sign John Wayne “The Duke”
Basket of Avon Product
3 Piece BBQ Tool Set
Small wooden Decorative Wheelbarrow
Chef Figurine Salt & Pepper Set
Skil Jig Saw
Tricycle Flower Planter
Decorative Crosses
World Trade Center Collectible
3 Dozen Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies by Brynden Annis
Canisters (set of 2)
Decorative Stars (set of 3)
K-State Personalized Return Address Stamp
Shop Bar Stool
John Deere Sign
Homemade German Chocolate Cake by Kim Irvin
Miniature Birdbath
Spring Geranium Framed Pictures (2)
Bob Kramer’s Birdhouse
KU Blocks
Sun Votive holder
4-$25 Gift Certificates for Beef
Ulysses Tiger Orange & Black Stationary
Shadow Girl & Wagon Yard Ornament
Bikers Collection Set
GM 100th Anniversary Clock
Outdoor Votive Lantern
49 Piece Socket & Bit Set
30 Handmade All-Occasion Greeting Cards in a Box
2 Certificates for Dinner for 2 @ the Landmark
2009-2010 MSAA League Passes with 2 Tiger Chairs
Metal Plasma cut yard Décor Flower, Leaf and Stars
George Foreman Family Grilling Machine
Ulysses Tiger Flag
20 lbs of Freshly Smoked Baby-Back Ribs by Jon & Patsy Fort
A 30 Minute Aerial Tour of Ulysses with Pilot Kevin Moyer
3 – 100 Minute Long Distance Pre-Paid Calling Cards
5.8 g Caller ID Cordless Telephone
Universal Bluetooth
Sports Bag
Thelma Carl-Avon in a Beaded Bag
Thelma Carl-Red Rhinestone Necklace & Earrings
Enamel Ware
Planted Flower Pot
1 Harley Davidson Miss Enthusiast Leather Jacket
1 River Road Anvil Motorcycle Leather Jacket
Basket of Mary Kay Cosmetics
Note: a special thanks to the ENTIRE community of Ulysses and everyone else who has helped organize and contributed to this auction.


  1. Hi Paulette.
    It is a beauitful day here today in ULysses a real feel of Spring. Hope your feeling pounds heavier and getting stronger each day. Mayo trip is coming up and I hope for great things when you return.With God all things are possible and I hope with what ever form of healing power you need you get.My heart is with you each and every day. Love Peg

  2. Hi Paulette,
    We had a high of 86 today...no wind and beautiful!!!

    I want to let you know about a sure way to put pounds on...there is a bakery in the Denver area called the Styria bakery and they have wonderful bread! They ended up at Spring Fling on a fluke due to mother nature preventing them from getting to a show in Montana. Their bread went out of that Civic Center at rapid pace including some to the Hauser household...now I can attest to the fact that it was delicious (I highly recommend the Roasted Garlic Bread and the Lemon/White Chocolate Bread), and yes it does pack on the pounds.

    Our prayers are with you, your family and your doctors.

  3. Two of the most powerful words in spoken language are "Thank You".In fact I have heard it said that if the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is "Thank You" it will be enough.To my family,friends,neighbors,and the entire community "Thank You".paps

  4. Good Thursday morning to Paulette and the Betty Crocker household cooking all those tastey meals. Sure hope each day is bringing you more and more strength and peace. It is gently raining right now and the sign of spring is everywhere finally. Take each day one at a time and get yourself on the road to recovery soon. God bless all who are also helping to make this bump in the road a little smoother. Enjoy the pampering and God Bless. We'll be watching for the updates. You still have 4 more days of grazing on all that good food. I'll be sending some goodies for that bag!!!

  5. Hello Paulette and the rest of the family,
    I got a little behind in keeping up with your progress, but it sounds like you are gaining every day with all that good food. I have to agree with Marieta on the bread it is wonderful especially the roasted garlic and jalpeno. We have been keeping you in our prayers and know you will get stronger everyday. Hope your weather there is as beautiful as ours is here, 83 and sunny with a very soft breeze. Keep up the good work and we hope to have you home again real soon.
    Terri & JoeBill


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