She's got a stent!

Hmm, not sure that post title should sound quite as positive as it does, but our Mayo-nic superpeeps were successful in getting a stent in the left side of the biliary system (aka, left hepatic duct). The plastic stent is about 1-inch above the still intact tube/catheter, which is internally and externally draining the right side of the biliary system (aka, right hepatic duct). 

IOW, we remain in, as Thayne puts it, TUBE CITY.

The catheter tube... sucks. I'm just being honest. It's messy, uncomfortable and hard to keep clean. It will likely stay in for another month or so. As much as we despise Mr Tubey, he is very necessary. The catheter is actually helpful in reality. It's better to have the bile drain externally versus directly into her abdominal cavity. 

Mom is resting comfortably with superbrother Thayne, who is taking religiously good care of everything down to her new scripts and upcoming wheelchair assistance at the airport. 

They also took a biopsy of the tumor itself, as well as more brushings. We may yet get a for-real diagnosis sooner than later. 

Thanks for everybody's thoughts! We hope to successfully have her back in Denver without pancreatitis and pain-free as possible by Friday morning. 


  1. Awesome news about the successful stent placement and the negative lymph involvement! Sorry we haven't posted before now, but you have all been in our thoughts and prayers! Bummer to hear of your "Ta Town" experience, but glad you are at Mayo now. Now to move forward with rest, weight gain, and definitive diagnosis. I have an extra 40 lbs. I would GLADLY give you! I've also "heard" doobies will stimulate your appetite (LOL). Taryn, this blog is a great way we can all keep updated on how things are going - Thanks for sharing your talent with us! We will keep you in our prayers as you gain the strength and health to move on to the next steps....Love, The Dowling clan

  2. Great news, Taryn!! I've been following your updates daily and keeping my parents/grandparents in the loop. We are all thinking about your Mom and the rest of your family and hope for continued progress and a diagnosis! Big hugs and lots of positive thoughts for you, my dear! XO! molly :-)

  3. Paulette,

    Kim and Mr. Hall informed me about your condition. I have been keeping you in my prayers. You know my "Hail Marys" are powerful stuff. I will keep up on your progress. I know your are one tough person and you will whip this thing.
    Glad to hear that the ERCP went well today.
    Take care,
    Bill #2

  4. Paulette & Family,

    We are continuing to send prayers, thoughts, and best wishes to all of you each day.

    Bob & Jana

  5. Paulette and Family
    You are in our thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear all went well with the stent. May the good news just keep coming.
    Bill and Tammy Barb

  6. Sounds like we are making some progress. Paulettey I hope you make it to Denver this weekend! I would love to come and see you and bring you whatever fatty, guilty pleasure your heart desires! Thanks for the updates Thayne and Taryn. Greg I hope you made it back to Ulysses safely and are getting some much needed rest!

    Love ya!
    Januea and Marc


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