Sedation alert

Mum is sleeping comfortably right now (5:20 pm CT). Today was super long, again. Her morning endoscopic ultrasound clocked in around 4.5 hours. After some heavy sedation, she floated out with oxygen mask marks on her cheeks that resembled kitty whiskers. We laughed her silly as she sat on the sofa, nearly falling asleep, in the Mayo cafeteria awaiting our next doctor appointment. She was like a little sleepy kitten sinking into the couch.

We are plotting the next week of days here at Mayo. Mom still has her temporary bile drainage, which we hope will be removed next week. They have scheduled another ERCP for Wednesday morning. The ERCP will place a stent that keeps her bile duct open and she will likely be admitted that night to be cautious of pancreatitis rearing it's stupid head again. Pancreatitis is black balled -- he's not welcome anymore. Until then, she has a few days of reprieve from the pokings, catheters, sedation, etc.

One very key and very, very positive piece of news: today's ultrasound provided biopsy samples of the lymph nodes surrounding the liver/bile duct area. All samples came back with no traces of cancerous cells. Translation: the cancer has not spread into the lymph nodes.

We all let out huge sighs of relief at this news! Thayne even invited our doc to stay with him in Denver next week while he's in town for a conference.

We still need a lot of answers. The surgeon has charged us with a variety of responsibilities for the next two weeks, including reducing the bilirubin count and fattening her up. Then, and only then, will we have a real shot at some decent treatment options. No matter what, we are almost certainly looking at chemo here in Rochester. And, we'll do it. We'll do whatever it takes.

Thanks again to each of you for your wonderful support and comments. It just means the world to us.


  1. thrilled to here the lymph nodes are clear. Time for milk shakes with added cream. Hope you can get some rest this weekend. Thinking of all of you. Cindy

  2. Sounds like it's time for a trip to an ice cream shop, fudge shop, pastry store and a donut shop. Every womans dream day!!!! We are thinging of all of you. Keep up the fight, keep up your strength and keep your family love strong as I know you will. Steve and Tammy Eddie

  3. Don't I wish I could get this extra 25lbs I'm packing around... to my dear skinny friend! We both would be smile--ly faced! What great Joy to hear the surrounding areas are clear!!!!!
    Do you have SNAIL MAIL? Or where the fam is staying??? If there's a place we can send cards let us know!!! Love ya --- The Coxes

  4. That's a bit of good news today! Hope you all can get some rest and recharging done over the weekend. You are in our thoughts every day - With love, Dorothy and Bill

  5. I am so glad you got some good news today! I hope it lifted all of your spirits. Hope you can all rest a bit over the weekend, you are going to need it from the sounds of it. Greg, hope you get over that cold!! I love the pictures of Cole. I will make sure to show Eloy on Monday, he will get a kick out of them I am sure. Make sure Paulette gets some good food, so she can get all strong and fat!! Have a great weekend, I am so glad you are all together, I am sure your mom is also! Hugs and Prayers are being sent your way!!

  6. I am so glad to hear the lymph nodes are clear! Hang in there Paulette and enjoy 'fattening' yourself up! Greg... I hope you get to feeling better soon. Stay strong as I know this is a difficult road but al the love and support around all of you will help you through it!

  7. Great news! Hang in there Paulette and the gang! We are thinking positive thoughts for you all! Rest and relax this weekend for next week.
    "Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start"-nibo quebein


  8. My thoughts an prayers, always.


  9. Good Morning Paulette, Greg, Taryn and Thayne,

    It is overcast and cool here in Denver this morning. Mom said it was looking good for KS to get some rain, too. While we all need the moisture, we hope there will be some sunshine in your day... Vitamin D, you know, for all of you... and some R&R.

    As we approach the grand finale of Holy Week, we send prayers of assurance that the Lord Jesus is there with you in all of His glory. He cares about you and will nourish, refresh, and sustain you for whatever lies ahead.

    We send our love and huge *H*U*G*S*, Susie & Jerry

  10. Good Morning to you all. More tests mean more good news ... keep it up. Paulette, no more low-calorie snacks, just high-calorie treats -- go for it! I'm glad that the lymph nodes tested clear ... big sigh of relief. A victory is achieved by winning one battle at a time; you are on the road to victory, Paulette. We all are alongside you cheering you on with our thoughts and prayers. In fact, you are in a kind of marathon ... the water stations are stragetically placed along the route to give you not only water but also a hand reaching out to you and a voice saying, "You're doing great, keep it up, you can make it, we're here for you, we care about you, Paulette." There may still be some hills and curves, and your leg muscles may ache more as your feet pound the pavement with each mile mark ... but the miles you've run are behind you with that many fewer miles ahead. When you get home, I have a CD to share with you: the song "Runner" is the perfect theme song for you. Have a restful weekend. God loves you, Paulette. He is working all things together for your body to be healed. I care about you. Praying for you, Joyce


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